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Sailor Uranus

Age: 16
Name: Haruka Ten'ou
Means:Distant Sky King
Attacks: World Shaking, Space Sword Blaster
Birthday: January 27
Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Favorite colors: Gold
Hobbies: Racing
Gemstone: Amber

My all time favorite senshi. Haruka is the best one (remember, my opinion). She is very dedicated to her mission whether it is gathering the talismans, or protecting the princess. She is also very loyal to Michiru, and they are almost always together. Haruka is often mistaken for a man because she dresses like one and often acts like one. She is very independent and believes that saving people is more important than saving lives, which sometimes makes her appear to be cold. But that's just part of her greatness. Haruka's also a big flirt which sometimes ticks off Michiru.

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