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Sailor Chibi Moon

Age: 903 (In the manga she said this somewhere. Remember in the future, everyone has a long life span. Besides, i think there was something wrong with Chibi Usa's growth)
Name: Chibi Usa (Usagi)
Attacks: Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Moon Gorgeous Meditation  
Favorite animal: rabbits
Birthday: June 30
Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Favorite colors: red and pink
Hobbies: eating and sleeping
Gemstone: Diamond

Okay, for all you Chibi Usa lovers, stop here. Anyway, in my opinion, Chibi Usa is a pink haired brat who needs to fall off of a cliff. I liked Saior Stars because she was only in like four episodes. I think that brat gets way too much credit. I mean, what the hell does she contribute to the overall scheme of things, except getting in the way?

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