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The History Of Rini Tsukino

Welcome to My Profile!!!

Hi!! My Name is SailorMiniMoon. This is my website profile.

If you haven't already noticed this site has been turned into a history site, about Rini, and The history about her.

History Of Rini

This Following section is about the beloved Rini Tsukino.

Rini was born at the Crystal Palace, where she was raised by her parents Neo Queen Serenity, and King Edimoniy, and the Future Sailor Soldiers(the inner ones). One day the nega family showed up and put a spell on everyone earth, but Serenity countered by the moon crystal, but it put her to sleep in affect after it. later that day, Rini went into the chamber where the crystal was, and wanted to use it to wake her mom up, and when she touched it, the thing dissappeared, and she was dissappointed, and then she got the thought to go into the past to get it from Sailor Moon. Well she went back and tried to force her to give it 2 her. But she refused 2.. and then later Sm and the scouts finally earn Rini's Respect..((I still remember that eps.. SM got her butt kick.. that was when Reubus first appeared to the scouts)) Then later Wiseman corrupted Rini and turned her into Wicked Lady.. Which was pretty cool.. but the only power she had came from her Lunaball or Luna-P..Then at the very end of R Series part 2.. they finally turned her back.. but it took em while..then Rini and Serena tagged team against Wiseman.. boy that sure wasnt a pretty eps..Then Rini stayed in the future as the rest went back to the past.. and then Eps 15 of the S Series " Welcome SailorMiniMoon" (Jap: 'The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Soldier") she showed up saving Raye and the Big Meat Ball from danger once again..(( I still remember the opening line...anyways..)).....To Be Continued...


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