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Training page

With all trainers you may be choosen to train with them for free.Only if you live up to the trainers certian expectations.

Good Trainers

Only the good Fighters can learn from them!!!!

Earth Trainers

Roshi Training~~~~~~Training under Master Roshi gets you the Kamehameha.Kamehameha will increase your attacks power.You must train with Master Roshi for 4 days to learn Kamehameha.You may come back and learn the higher levels of it if you wish to.Each time you train with Master Roshi,your Kamehameha goes up.EX:KamehamehaX2-KamehamehaX3-through X10. Each time after the first is a additional 5 days of training.Master Roshi is no fool though.You must buy the special Roshi's Gi at the Gold Shop to train with him.

Kami Son Training~~~~~~Training with Kami Son gets you the Kienzan.Kienza if used properly,takes your opponents HP down one quarter.You must train with Kami Son for 1 week(7 days)to get this ability.You can train with Kami Son Twice.The extra Training will last for an extra week.If you get Kienzan2 you will be able to cut your opponents HP in half.Thats as far as his training goes.Buy Kami's Gi at the Gold Shop to train with him.

S&T Room Training~~~~~~To train here in the room or Sprit and Time you must buy this extra pass plus Kami Sons gi,so you must be at Kami's lookout to train here.You will acually battle enemys in this training.Training here will raise your PL alot.You must be at Kami's lookout to train here.

Guru Training~~~~~~You will not actually train with Guru(cause he's too old),but he can help unleash some hidden powers from with in you.Guru makes you much more powerful also.To train with guru you must be on the planet namek or if you have a space pod or something you may use that to get there and then train with him.

Dende~~~~~You can train with dende for the cost of 5000 gr, and you will learn the ability to Heal. You will be able to heal yourself and others instantaneously in battle...or after battle. The training will take 5 days, and you may fight other people on the planet.

Fat Buu training~~~~~You can learn the ability to copy peoples moves from them.When battling with a person you will be able to learn a persons move from them doing it.It will take 10 days for you to learn this ability.This Training is exactly like the evil buus training,just for good guys.To train with them you must by the Fat Buu Goo at the Gold shop.

Teleportation Training~~~~~You must fly to planet yaardat and pay 5000 gr to the inhabitants to teach you teleportation. With this ability, you will get an extra block move (it will add to your block) and you can also have the ability to hop from planet to planet. But you can only go to one planet every 2 days, or else you loose your sense of teleporation for a week. You do not gain pl when you teleport, and you are teleported to that are instantaniously

Fading Training~~~~~This training you learn by your self.You will be able to teach your self how to fade.Fading during a battle adds to your block.You will need some instructions on how to do it so it will cost you but not much.Buy the fading manual at the Gold Shop.

Special Trainers

Other Dimensions

Anyone good or bad can train with these trainers as long as they are choosen to train with them.

Kaioshin Training~~~~~~If you choose to train under Kaioshin you will gain levels.If you are a Saiyan he can train you control your SSJ and he helps you gain alot of power(If you are any other race he will help you learn to control your special forms).He can also pull a Saiyans tail back out.He can also teach you how to control your oozaru powers.If you are not Saiyan he trains with you to boost your pl.You must be choosen to recieve this training or you can pay 30,000GR.

Kaiosamma or King Kai Training

~~~~~~Training with King Kai will help you learn Kaioken and The Spirt Bomb. The only way to get there is if you die.If that happens you will be here for 1 week(7 days)or you may be wished back by someone.The Kaioken will double your attack total it takes a week to learn.While training with him you get the Kaioken power up it will take you 3 days to learn.You may choose to stay longer if you like but everytime you wish to stay is another week there unless someone wishes you alive.The Spirit Bomb will take you a week to learn too.If you only plan on staying a week you may choose which attack you wish to learn.While training with King Kai on his planet you may fight with another fighter who is on the planet training too.The only way to get to King Kais is to die and let King Yemma decide your fate.It takes 3 days to get to King Kais by snake way.

(HELL Orges)Mezu & Gozu Training~~~~~~You may only train with these to if you die and are sent to HELL.You dont really train with them.They pretty much just tease you and mess with you but you do get some power added to your stats for it.Better than nothing.

Kadonisha Training~~~~~~Once a very nice giving person has now turned to the evil side.After dieing and being sent to HELL by King Yemma he has saught to get revenge by training all the evil warriors that come through HELL.He has been hidden in HELL so long that only the most privilaged warriors have trained with him.He will teach you the Soul Bomb and Kadoten.You must be picked by him to train with him.Kadoten will double your attack.It takes 1 week to learn.If you wish to stay in HELL longer you can train under him and learn the Soul Bomb.Its pretty much the evil Spirit bomb.That will take you a week to learn also.If you wanna learn from him you must be evil and be in HELL.He must pick you to train with him.

Evil Trainers

Evil Roshi Training~~~~~Master Roshis long lost twin brother.He was adopted as a child by very bad people.Has the same exact mind as Muten Roshi just hes evil.The will teach you the same things as Master Roshi will and at the same price too.Buy the Evil roshi Gi at the Gold shop.

Bombay Training~~~~~One of Kami's old students has turned evil.He knows everything that kami can teach and he will teach you.Buy the Bombay Gi at the gold shop.

King Kold Training~~~~~~To train with King Kold you must be on the Planet Frieza.King Kold will teach evil warriors to be able to control they're special transformation forms.He will raise your pl a bit too.To train with him just buy his pass at the Gold Shop.

Babi Dee Training~~~~~~Babi Dee is the little magician that can turn people majin.If you wanna become alot stronger train with Babi Dee and become majin.Majin will automatically make you evil if you are good.If you are already evil it will make you much more evil.To become majin you must train with him for 5 days.You must be on planet buu to train with him.To train with Babi Dee buy his cape at the Gold Shop.

The Evil Buus Training~~~~~You can learn the ability to copy peoples moves from them.When battling with a person you will be able to learn a persons move from them doing it.It will take 10 days for you to learn this ability.To train with them you must by the Buu Goo at the Gold shop.

Cell Training~~~~~Cell will teach you his massive self-destruct ability.He will implant a miniture bomb inside you and you can use it when ever you want.It will automatically kill anyone around you and will blow up any planet that you are on.But on the down side you do not have the regeneration power like he does so you will also die,and you will be dead untill you can find all the little pieces of your body and put yourself back together(or 10 days).The operation will take 3 days to do.If you want the bomb inplant buy the Inplant Brosure at the Gold Shop.