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This Ki System uses the KI you have and attacks directly. Most Ki Attacks are powered by a fraction. If I had a KI of 5000 and I used a KI MOVE that did 1/5 i just did 1000 + Power Level then is blocked regularly. It is a Super Powerful attack. Thats the name of the game with KI ATTACKS I though?? ^_^

1.You are aloud to say anything you want as long as you are in character.
2.If you are asked to battle for the story line and you dont within a day you will lose pl unless you give me a good excuse not to.
3.You must charge as many times stated next to a special move before you can do it.
4.If you are going to transform when you get that ability you must have a good reason,Ex.a friend dies in front of you,a person taunts you to the extreme,or they have killed a member of your team or a friend and they tell you about it,or if you have the controled ability to do it.If anyone transforms with out one of these reasons in play will lose pl.
5.You my only battle up to 20 times a week unless told otherwise by me.
There are not to many rules yet.If you do not do things right then I will make more up.If you have any questions on what to do or how to do it E-mail me or if im online IM me.


First you roll(you type this //roll) to see who will attack first.
If one persons pl is 200 over the other the weaker goes first automaticaly.
You may also use the scouter to go first too.
Then you will do your attacks.Ex,::Ki blast::.
The you would //roll again.
BigTee3000 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2.
You will then put down your attack.
Pl ----+ki blast ----+roll(both numbers added together)6=-----This will be your attack total.
Then your opponent has the option to block.Ex::block::
They will then do pretty much the same thing as the person on offense.//roll
pl---+block----+roll--=-----That will be your total block.
Subtract Offensive attack by defensive block and you have your total damage.

I have made a new way of fighting.You can choose which way you would rather fight but both people have to agree on it!!!!!Dont bother me if you cant agree either.Bother fighters can write me a story.Which ever story is better will win the fight.This is just an alternative you dont have to fight this way if you dont want to.

If you have any problems with the explanation above on how to battle,just catch me when im online and I will help you.You may also ask some other members to teach you but dont bother them!!!!!!
As far as battling stats go please post your own stats while battling.EX:If someone damages you 20 and your hp is 150 post your new hp before you attack.
Your new hp would be 130 and you must post it before you attack.
The same thing goes with ki.If an attack takes 5 ki to use and you have 100 ki subtract the ki so your new ki will be 95.


As far as sparing goes all you do is start out with an hp of 50 and 20 ki.
You use a basic attack like punch,kick,or ki blast.
Then you roll(//roll).
You add your roll to your attack and thats the damage.EX: ::punch::~~then roll~~then you add your roll and your punch.___+___=_.
Theres your attack.then to block the other person just rolls.
The roll number is your block.

Battleing Monsters

To battle monsters you just battle like you would another character.You be the monster.You attack yourself as the monster and then you fight like you normally would.NO CHEATING.If you beat the monster you get the item that it has and you get a pl raise depending on how hard a monster it was.If the monster beats you you automatically are beaten badly and you get a little pl raise but not much.After you are done fighting the monster send me the battle and title it after which monster you faught.I will update it from there.And Remember NO CHEATING!!!!!!!.

Killing or spareing

In a battle you may either kill,spare,or badly injure some one after you have won the battle.

Spareing: If you spare the person that means they do not die and they can fight again as soon as they want at full power.

Injuring badly: If you injure the person badly that means that they cannot fight for the next 2 days so that they can recover.They are not dead though.If you have a senzu bean you would like to use you must e-mail me and say you want to use it.If you have know someone who has the ability to heal you,you must e-mail me to have them heal you(but you must have they're permission first).If you have none of the above then you will have to recover at a hospital for 2 days and you cannot battle.You will be charged 50GR everyday you are in the hospital.If you dont have the GR it will take you 4 days to recover.

Killing:As far as killing goes I think everyone knows what that means.If you kill someone they will be sent to King Yemma so that he can choose they're fate.(if you wanna know what your fate is look at the dead section in the rules

If you win a battle you may choose to rob them if you want.You can take 50% of there GR.If you are going to take something of theres you must post it after the battle.EX: ::takes GR::


As far as charging goes you must charge the amount of times posted next to a move to be able to use that move.EX:(Special Beam Cannon)5 charges to use.You may charge once every time you attack and you may still attack in the same charging turn.If you do not charge the posted amount of times the attack will not work.
You may also charge up to and no more than four times over the charge amount needed to use that move.
That means every one time you charge over the needed amount you add 10 more attack power to it(as long as you dont use that attack,if so you will have to charge it over agian to use it).Dont forget you cannot charge more than four times over your needed charge.If you do you are just wasting the attack and the power over will not work.

You are able to tax planets that are very hard to conquer for a lot of money (1000 gr for week) and poor weak planets for not much (250 gr a week). Each planet has special skills to learn (for instance one race of people is extremely good at fading, and they can help you increase your fading skill from only blocking 30 to blocking 300, or one race could teach you how to control your pain so that you can use a move to give you an extra 5000 HP) but only people you say can go will be allowed to go their, since you control the planet!!!! ^_^


Ok when you die you will visit King Yemma(me but play along).King Yemma will decide your fate.He will either send you to HELL or he will send you to train with King Kai.If you are good and you have done really good things you will most likely go to train with King Kai(look on training page for details).If you are bad you will go to HELL.But dont worry in HELL you can train with Mezu and Gozu "The HELL Orges".If you are very lucky you might get picked to train with_______.You guess!If you go to HELL you will be there for 5 days or untill someone wishes you back with the dragonballs.

Power Increase After Battle

Win:After a Win by a saiyan there power level will increase by 30%.
Lose:After a loss there power level will go up 60%.
Dead or injured badly:Saiyans pl will go up by 100%.

Win:A nameks pl will go up by 50%.
Lose:After a loss a nameks pl will go up by 25%.
Dead or badly injured:A nameks pl will go up by 75%.

Win:A humans will go up by 50%.
Lose:A humans will go up by 35%.
Dead or badly injured:A humans will go up by 65%.

Win:A buus pl will go up by 50%.
Lose:A buus pl will go up by 50%.
Dead or badly injured:A buus pl will go up by 40%.

Win:A changlings pl goes up by 55%.
Lose:in a loss there pl will go up by 25%.
Dead or badly injured:They're pl will go up by 70%.

Win:pl goes up by 50%.
Lose:pl goes up by 50%.
Dead or badly injured:pl goes up by 45%.

Win:PL goes up by 50%.
Lose:pl goes up by 50%.
Dead or badly injured:pl goes up by 50%.

Gravity Rules
You cannot train under any gravity if the Gravity x100 is over your PL. The Gravity number is the percent added to your stats when you win loose or die. If a Gravity is 10, and a Saiyan Wins he gains 50% not 40%. GET IT??

Planet Destroying Rules
Planets each have HP. When the HP gets to 0 the planet Explodes. All the inhabitants go to Yemmas Station. A Planet CAN Be wished back with any set of dragon balls. No Planet can be wished away forever.