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Planet Page

On this page you will be able to see what the gravity differences do for your character.
You will also be able to see profiles of planets conquerable and already conquered by groups.
After conquering a planet, you can battle it's protector repeatedly as if it were a monster.
Good characters will start on Earth.
Neutral characters will start on Namek.
Evil characters will start on Vegeta.
You may travel to different planets if you have a space pod and you would like to go.
If you have a space pod and you wish to travel to another planet e-mail me which planet you wish to go to and I will post how many days it will take next to your character.

The Planets

Planet Earth
This planet is home to most good guys. The gravity is 1. Earths HP is 50,000,000.

Planet Namek
This is home to Neutral people and all Nameks. The Gravity is 1 also. Nameks HP is 50,000,000.

Planet Vegeta
This is home to all Evil characters. The gravity is 1. Vegetas HP is 50,000,000.

Planet Arlaya
The Gravity here is 5. The Planets HP is 100,000,000.

Planet Yadrat
Here if you stay for 1 week you master Teleport. The gravity is 5. Planets HP is 100,000,000.

Planet Kai
Here is where King Kai resides. The gravity is 10. Planets HP is 10,000,000.

Planet Buu
The Gravity here is 10. Buus HP is 100,000,000.

Planet Kaioshin
This is where you must go after being chosen for Kaioshin training. The gravity here is 10. Planets HP is 10,000,000.

Conquerable Planets

Freiza Planet 13532:

History- A planet at one time controlled by King Cold and his henchmen, but 33 years ago mysteriously abandon and forgotten. Since then, the inhabitants have become quite skilled in the art of foot and leg fighting (not unlike that of the brazillian "ghetto" fighting styles of today). Some of the more elite fighters have learned to focus their ki into their kicks.

Planet Protector: A warrior by the name of Mayerik. PL=14,000 HP=11,000 Ki=18,000 Moves: Super Sweep (+400 to attack + 1/10th Ki), Kick (+600), Punch (+50), Fade (+50 block)

After Conquering: This planet has a mere 1.1 for it's gravity. Training with the inhabitants will get you the move Sweep (100 to attack + 1/15 ki), and your kick will be upgraded to add 1/20 ki. While here, you may fight against native warriors of any powerlevel you choose up to 12,000. This planet is taxable for 650 gold a week. This planet is not suitable for the tree of might.

Planet Multani

History: This is an extremely fertile planet somehow suspended in a binary star system, which has hidden it from all outside interaction until now.

Protector: The protector of this planet is Multani. He is a large, treelike lifeform who draws his HP from the surrounding lifeforms. PL=16,000, HP=55,000 Ki=12,000. Moves: Suckle (charge=2, steals 1/10th of opponent's HP and adds to own, can only be used twice per battle), Whip (+100 to attack), Lash (+120 to attack), Vine barrier (+100 to block)

After Conquering: This planet has a gravity of 2. Humanoid lifeforms are unable to learn the native moves. However, this planet is extremely good at growing things. A tree of might planted here will take 5 days less to grow and produce an extra Fruit. Yemma fruit and senzu bean production is doubled here. This planet is only taxable for 300 gr per week.


History: This is a medium sized planet in a Neutron Star system. It's high Uranium composition is the only thing stopping it from being ripped to peices by the immense gravity of the star. A group of 3 Sayajins conquered it 400 years ago, but found it useless in the planet market, and deserted it. Due to the extremely high amounts of radioactivity, a new intelligent life has evolved since then. These creatures have almost mastered the technique of using Ki for blocking.

Protector: Pterodontisis-PL=53,000 HP=40,000 Ki=60,000 Moves- Flap (+100 to attack), Kick (+50 to attack), Ki Screen (+250 to block), Mouth Blast (1/10th ki)

After Conquering: After conquering, you can train with the inhabitants of this planet for 4 days and they will teach you the move Ki barrier (+100 block). Training here will also double the effectiveness of your fade. This planet has a gravity of 8 relative to earth. This planet is suitable for the tree of might, but because of the massive amounts of Uranium, unknown mutations to the fruit are likely, the deformities could be good or bad.... This planet is taxable for 500 gr a week.


History- This is a very densely populated, giant planet, the 3rd of a 13 planet. The locals of this planet have EXTREMELY good energy manipulation techniques. When Freiza and his henchmen tried to come to this planet, the inhabitants made a huge wall of Ki around the entire planet, preventing the ships from entering.

Protector: Miracola and his 5 Apprentices. Miracola-PL=300,000 HP=200,000 Ki=450,000. Moves-Ultra Ki blast (1/4 ki), Katana (Ki weapon formed, add's 1/8th ki to attack for next 4 turns, can only be used once), Ki bomb (charge=7, ki drawn from planet, 2x ki added to PL) 4 Apprentices- PL=100,000 HP=75,000 KI=150,000 Moves- Ki barrier (1/10th ki to block), Fusion (charge=4, Fuses with Miracola, adding all stats to his and completely refreshing his Ki)

After conquering: This should prove to be a tough battle, probably for a group of people, not a lone wanderer. In 8 days, these Elite fighters can teach you the move Sakaba (Ki weapon formed, automatically adds 1/16th ki for next 3 turns). They will also help you change your ki blast in to a super ki blast (1/5th ki added). This planet has a gravity of 7. While training here, your ki will go up much faster than at other planets. This planet can support the tree of might. The citizens are taxable for 3000 gold a week. While you are in this solar system, check out the 5th planet, Hurania. (Inner solar system travel is is considered instantanious).


History- Two planets away from Zanadoth, Hurania is even larger and more massive. Freiza tried to attack this planet after failing to take over Zanadoth, but his scout ships were unable to escape the immense gravity due to inferior technology at the time, so the planet was left alone and never bothered again. It's inhabitants are also well trained in the Ki techniques, as their astronomical neighbors and they have worked together for millenia. They have found a unique method of regeneration using the Ki that they have. Although not as densely populated as Zanadoth, Hurania is slightly more rich due to it's titanium ore deposits.

Protector- Orim PL=450,000 HP=175,000 KI=250,000 Moves- Ki blast (1/6th ki), Ki barrier (1/10th ki to block), regenerate (charge=2, converts 1/2 current ki in to HP) Ki theif, (steals 1/10th of opponents ki)

After Conquering- You must train here for a week to become accustom to the gravity before you can attempt to learn the Huranian arts. It will take 3 days to learn Salve (charge=3, converts 1/3 current ki in to HP). You may also learn Ki Mug (steals 1/12th of opponents ki) after training here for another 5 days. This planet is suitable for the tree of might. This planet pays 3500 gold a week.