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4/28/00~~~The RPG has Started.Read over everything you can on my RPG so i dont have to explain much.Thanx.

4/30/00~~~I've done quite abit of updating to the site so be sure to look at everything.If your actually looking at this page then thank you for useing it.And dont forget about the storyline,its still on!!!!

5/2/00~~~Ok i updated again put in some extra trainers and got some new recruits.If your actually reading this then thank you for useing the page cause no one does.

6/12/00~~~Hi, JEDI M0NKY here. It would seem Bigtee is having some computer problems. After a brief period with Kefka as President, and Spawneternal as his vice, FlyGuyxxxtreme is now president with myself and Freezerman2000 as his assistants. I will be updating most of the oddball sections, such as planets, storyline, and such. If you have ideas about non-fighting related sections, i'm your man. Otherwise, send to freezerman or Flyguy. I added two conquerable planets today. That's pretty hard work.... Anyways, i will try and post updates more often than Big and kefka did, but no promises.

6/13/00~~~ I promised updates more often, that is what you will get. I added two more planets, and there are more coming every day this week. I also updated the storyline, GO CHECK IT OUT. Gold Shop has some small updates as well. Recruited a few new members. Also, Surfer17548 is taking on the roll of vice president, and will be assisting Flyguy in the updating of chars. This means that battle limit is now doubled, that's right, doubled. 8 Battles a day now. If you have any suggestions, Mail Me. Also, I have an idea that i would like some feedback on. I was thinking of adding a kind of "Links" page where players could advertise their own personal pages. What do you guys think of that? Give me some feedback. That's all as of 8:30 today.

6/15/00~~~ ughhhhhhhhhhhhh, I had 55 mails, thats right, 55, in my mailbox when I logged on today (and i'm proud to say that I've updated everything from those 55 already). We have quite a few new members. Quite obviously we had some problems with the PLs, we are working on a solution for that. It doesn't seem that many people are reading this page. The first 3 people to Mail me get a free new sayajin armor. Hmmm... what else? If you don't have a pic on your char yet, it would be nice if you would find one and mail it to me, and if you want a different pic than the one you have, feel free to send it. That's about it for today.

6/17/00~~~Alright peeps,if you havent signed up for the storyline,please do so,it is a good way to raise your pl.The winner of the tournament gets a mistery prize!!! anyway,if you dont have AOL,please dont email be that you wanna join,thank you~~~flyguyxxxtreme

6/18/00~~~Hey people. Sorry i haven't updated lately, i've been working for the past two days trying to get my DSL to work, and have been unsuccesful so far. Anyways, you really SHOULD read this page more often, and tell your friends to also. The two people who have read this page lately and mailed me about it have been rewarded with an enchanced new sayajin armor, (Offer now invalid). Any storyline battle will greatly help your PL. From now on, please send all battles and item purchases to Flyguyxxxtreme or surfer17584. Any questions about the rpg go to myself or Freezerman2000. Any item, storyline, planet, group, etc., suggestions about this rpg go to me. About the PL thing, we are still working on a solution to it. Thanks~~~JEDIM0NKY

6/24/2000~hey,this is majin buu,i wont be online 4 two days,if u read this,DONT SEND ME ANY BATTLES,thanks,please send them to choutzu or brolly.
~~remember,if u send me lots of battles,that means u didnt read this!! ~majin buu 6/26/2000~hey,im back(Flyguy) im kinda pleased that not 2 many people sent me battle,which is good.....if u did,they arent gonna get updated,see ya later,PS:u can battle now! ~majin buu 6/26/2000~Due to an error getting angelfire access, i haven't been able to update, but i got that fixed, I can login now, but i can't view the page, only edit the html...oh well. Not much to say, if anyone has any suggestions, mail me. ~Chouzu (Jedi m0nky)