Want a Move? Look at bottom.

Moon Projecter(sayins only)-
Increases pl 10 folds,turns person into a giant ape for 1 battle a week.

Needs kami gi, 30,000 gr and 7 days
Eye Beam - 1/8 KI, (undodgable and unblockable)
Need Roshi gi, Kami Gi, 1000 GR and 4 days

Super Beam Cannon - 1/5 KI
Need permission from Piccolo, and 6 days

Masan-kou - 1/4 KI
Need Permission from Gohan and 9 days

Recoom Boom - 1/10 KI, attack 2 times
Need Reccomes permission and 4 days

Fire of Fury - 2/3 KI, but, the defender gets to block twice
2000 GR and 10 days

Big Bang - 2/5 KI
Permission from Trunks or Vegeta, and 7 days

Final Flash - 3/8 KI
Permission from Vegeta and 6 days

Solar Flare - 4000 KI blinds an enemy for 2 attacks
Need Kami Gi, 3000 GR and 1 week

Chou Kamehameha - 3/4 your KI goes into this
10,000 GR and 13 days

Renzoku Energy Dan - Attacks all opponents for 1/4 ki each attack
Gokus Permission and 6 days

Yemma Lock - Holds opponent all opponents for 2 turns (they can't attack but they CAN block) 5000 KI
Need Yemma Tree, Kai Gi, 4 days

Ghost Kamikazi - Victim and User go down to 1/20 HP (uses All KI)
Need 5000 GR, 2 weeks

Dragon Fist - 4/5 KI, user Stuns user for 1 turn
Need 3000 GR, and 1 week

Move Mime - Copies any of the victims moves (1000 KI)Need All Gi's and 1000 GR and 10 days

To get a move email choutzu and copy paste the stats of the moves you want.

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