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How to join.

You cannot join as a fused character,Sorry.

And if a character is already picked you cannot be the chibi counterpart.

You can be any of these races and anyone from them thats not taken.Here are some atributes of these races. To join e-mail freezerman2000
Saiyans: There extraordinary fighting ability gives them the ability to transform farther than any other race.
Changlings (frieza's race): They also have the ability to transform as do saiyans, but not as far as they do, but there pl doubles after every transformation.
Nameks: There superior intelligence grants them the ability to make dragon ballz (after they reach a certain pl). But, since they aren't elder nameks, they will only be able to use the dragon ballz once, and they can create a new set every 2 months.
Androids (cell is included): All androids have the ability to adapt and learn new moves. After seeing a move 5 times, the android automatically learns it without having to obtain it otherwise.
Mutants/Buu's: This race has the ability to change bodies. They may change bodies with any opponent, as long as they're not over 300 pl above them. If the opponent is, then they can't. After changing bodies, they remain in the other body until the fight ends, and when it does, each person is returned to their original body.
Humans: Humans heal extremely fast, so after every battle, their hp goes up 1/3 instead of the normal.
Kaioshins: They are an extremly powerful race.

If there are any question E-mail me.