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This is the Jobs Page.
You will be able to get any of these kinds of jobs and you will be paid for doing them,either by me or who ever hired you.
You must mail me first if you are going to do a job for someone.
You do not have to do a job you dont want to do or you cant do.

Hitman...You pretty much just kill people.Whoever you are told to kill you kill.If you fail then you die and you get know money.You get paid 2000GR for and easy kill and 5000 for a hard kill.You must fight them to kill them then send me the battle and title it "your character"Kill.

Body Gaurd...You must be hired by someone for this job.It sounds just like it is.You will be whoever hires yous bodygaurd.You will fight for them and if you dont you wont get paid.You will get paid on how good a fighter you are or whatever they offer to pay you.If you dont like what they wanna pay you then dont work for them.

Trainer...If you would like you can teach people your special moves like,EX:pay tien to learn tri-form or solar flare, or pay Chouzu to learn chronoryoko or self-destruct.If someone asks you to teach them you can name your own price.

Item Maker...You can be an item maker.Your job will be to make new items for the RPG.If you think of a cool item that i dont have already e-mail it to me and if i like it i will pay you 500GR.

Conqueror...To be a conqueror you must have someone ask you to go conquer a planet for you.By doing this you make up a planet and they will go and beat the monster on it for you and then the planet is yours for the taking.If you do this job you negotiate what you want to pay for the planet.

Idea maker...If you have any good ideas for my site let me know and if i like them i will pay 2000GR for them.

Job maker...If you can figure out a cool job let me know and if i like it i will pay you 2000GR.

Trainer Maker...If you can think of a trainer that should be on my rpg e-mail me who it is and what they teach,if i like the idea i will pay 700GR.You can also make up trainers but i have to like the idea of the trainer first.

Picture finder...Dont need any pics as of now.

Planet Exterminator...You work for whoever applys and gets the job of Planet Broker. What you do is travel to planets in a space pod. After you wipe out all of the inhabitants of the planet you sell it to the broker. He will pay you according to the size of the planet. More than one person can have this job.

Planet Broker... For this job you are given $35,000gr to pay the exterminators. This money must last you at least 2 weeks (14 days). Also, you Also, you must have less than 5,500gr by the end of the 14 days. These rules apply even when there is more than one exterminator.

Theif... This job pays off! If you are a thief, you obtain the item of you choice from your opponents every time you defeat them. If they don't have any items, you get all of their money. If they don't have any money than you don't get anything. Just watch out for cops! If you are defeated in a fight against a cop, not only are you sent to the next dimension, but you lose everything that you stole and all of your money. The cop gets the money and the items are returned to a store. There are no requirements for this job.

Cop... This job earns you money. You get $7,000 every time you bring down a thief, and you also get the money that the theif had. You are supplied with a new finisher called "Justice" that makes everything explode, so no matter where your opponent is, he dies unless he escapes before the countdown is over. It can be countered. You also get a new ki move called "Sentence of Law" that takes 1,000 damage and 3 charges. Strength and charges of the attack don't change. You have to bring down 1 theif every 5 days or else you are fired. After being fired, you lose both new moves, making you go back to your normal finisher.