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If you want to buy an item pick what you want and e-mail or im freezerman2000.

You gotta have enough gold though.

Battle Items

You can buy any of these items on any planet.
You can also buy items together with another character thats is a friend.But you must share what ever you get and you must not argue about things.!!!!

Senzu Bean...With this you can fully restore your HP,PL,and your KI with this bean that you eat.~~~~~1000GR

Yemma Fruit...Same as Senzu Bean but also speeds your training time by 1 day each time used. Available only by tree.

Yemma Fruit Tree Seed...Growns 1 Yemma Fruit a week. May only eat one a week though. 5,000GR

Z-Sword...This is a cheap imitation or the Zed Sword.It is not the real Zed Sword.This item is used as an attack.Ex ::cuts with z-sword:: An Attack that does 1/5 your PL to the opponent.~~~~~8000GR

Trunks or Tapion Sword...Used same as Z-sword.Does does 1/8 PL damage.~~~~~5000GR

Yajirobe Sword...Used same as Trunks and Z-Swords.Does 1/10 PL damage.~~~~~4000GR

Power Pole...Used same as the swords.Does 1/20 PL damage.~~~~~2000GR

Scouter...With this you can see peoples pl and you may choose to attack first. No one has to tell you there pl in a battle, and if you dont want to go to the site just use this if you have one. It also helps you find Dragon Balls by 1 day.~~~~~200GR

Dragon Radar...It will be much easier to find Dragonballs with this. (must have to start DB Quest)~~~~~1000GR

Senzu pouch...You can carry up to 5 senzus in this pouch.~~~~~500GR

Power Gloves...These gloves will boost your attack power.If you have this item your extra attack will be posted next to your items.~~~~~500GR

New Saiyan Armor...If you have this armor it will help you with your block. This is plus your regular block like (barrier 300+ armor 50).This armor will add 50 to your block.It is also lighter so when wearing this armor you will have 25 added to your pl.~~~1500GR

Old Saiyan Armor...Same as New Saiyan Armor. It can take more damage.This is plus your regular block like (barrier 300+armor 100).This adds 100 to your block.This armor is heavy,with this armor you will have 25 subtacted from your pl.~~~~2500GR

Potarra Earings...When used in battle these will fuse two characters together and add all stats to one.If you have E-mail me to see how to use them.~~~~~10,000GR

Seibamen...These are little green mutant men.They are used in battle.There PL & HP will be 1/4 what ever yours is.They can only do basic attacks like kick and punch. There attack will be for the kick and punch what ever yours is. You can only use one a battle. After the battle they are gone. You can only use them for one battle and then they automatically die.~~~~~4,000GR each
You can buy the kit of 4 for~~~~~15,000GR

Bank...You can keep all your GR in the bank if you have one.That way people wont be able to take it after you lose a battle.But 50GR will be taken from your bank every week for the bank fee.~~~~~1,000GR

PL Pills...You take these pills and it will increase your PL by 1/10 ~~~~~10,000GR each

HP Pills...Same as PL pills they just add 1/10 ~~~~~10,000GR each

Attack Up Pills...These pills will boost your all attacks by 100.~~~~~10,000GR each

Senzu Bean Plant Seeds...You can plant these if you have a house and they will grow in 2 weeks. There is only one seed that you plant. It will have 1 beans on it everyday when it is grown. You can have as many plants as you want to and you can buy a pouch to save the beans in.~~~~~4,000GR each seed.

Henchman...You can get a Saiyan, Namek, Human or Saibamen, Henchmen are like allies. They have their own stats and can train with you (act them out)and they can go wherever their masters are~~~~~15,000GR

Saiyan scouter...Cuts 2 days off when finding Dragonballs. Can also find hidden ki by typing ::uses scouter::~~~~~5,000GR(must be saiyan)

Ginew scouter...cuts 2 days off when finding Dragonballs. can also find hidden ki by typing ::uses scouter::~~~~~5,000GR

Set of Weighted Clothing...After battle PL goes up 1.2 more than normal.~~~~~10,000GR
Training Hammer...PL must be 50,000 to buy, PL gained after battle is raised 1.2 can also use in spars or battles takes 1,000 off.~~~~~~15,000GR

Special Powder...Blocks any move ONE time, can only use once in battle.~~~~~5,000GR

Tree of Might Seed...When planted on your planet, it grows for 3 weeks. The 4th week 4 fruits drop. The 5th week the planet dies (and the tree). 1 fruit Takes up one whole senzu bag!~~~~~20,000GR

Tree of Might Fruit...When eaten it raises power level by a large amount, can only eat one a month or you DIE!!!!. . . Bummer!!!You can buy one from someone who has a tree only if they sell it to you, and they name the price.(Not Buyable, must grow it)

Moon Projector...When you use this you say ::uses moon projector and your pl goes up 10 fold!~~~~~20,000GR

Nimbus Cloud...if your hp is less then 1/4 your total you can say ::runs away with nimbus cloud:: and u don't die it counts like they spared you.~~~~~5,000 GR

Homes and Ships
Space pod Gravity Enhancements...For the capsule corp. pod. 1.5 times pl and 1.2 times hp when used. Can only use once before repairs are needed.~~~~~10,000GR

Home Gravity Enhancements...can be installed in your Giant House/Base. If you hold your battles in a house equipped with this, PL increase is 1.3 times normal, and HP and Ki increase are 1.1 times normal. Only needs to be repaired bimonthly~~~~~13,500GR

Gravity Repairs...Repairs the gravity machine. Can buy more than one of this item.~~~~~13,500GR

Fuel...Need this to fly Any space pod.One unit of this will get you to any planet.Cost per unit~~~~~300GR

Capsule corp space pod...This pod can only fits one person.It comes complete with nothing.It is just to get you back and forth between planets in 2 days.You can upgrade it and add a training room and a gravity machine,but it will cost you alot of GR.~~~~~3,000GR

Saiyan Space Pod...This pod is a one person pod.It will takes you where ever planet you want to go to in a day.It comes complete with a moon projector and PL upper.When traveling in this pod your pl goes up by 200.~~~~~5,000GR

Capsule Corp space ship...This is a group ship.You can take up to 10 people in it with you.It will get you to planets in 3 days.Seems long but its worth the training time.It comes complete with a training room,Gravity machine,and a deluxe spa!!!j/k.~~~~~10,000GR

Regular House...This will pretty much be your characters home.You can build one on any planet.You will be able to keep your GR here so no one steals it.You will be able to come here and heal after being beatin badly instead of going to the hospital and paying money.It will only take you one day to heal here.And you can also have up to 2 people living with you and you can plant stuff in your yard.EX.Senzu plants, Stuff like that.If you have roommates you can split the cost of the rent with them(unless you want to pay it all). You may not add on to this house.~~~~~1000GR every 2 weeks to rent or 5,000GR to buy.

Giant House...This home is cool.You can do all the same things here as the regular home and more.You can have your team base in this house(but it will be called a base).You will have security(so no one can sneak attack you,or break in and take your things).And you can have all the people in your team living with you(up to 10 people). Just like the reguler house your roommates can split the cost of the rent.You can build it on any planet you want to. You can add on anything you like, including Yemma Plants~~~~~1,000GR every 2 weeks to rent or 8,000GR to buy

Saiyan Padding...This padding can be added to your armor for more protection. 10 block added~~~~~500GR a piece.

Sword Sharpening...This will sharpen your sword(if you have one)to make gain 10 attack each time.~~~~~500 GR

Z-Sword Sharpening...This will raise the attack by 10 every time~~~~~500GR

Trunks Sword Sharpening...This will raise the attack by 100 every time~~~~~500GR

Yajirobe Sword Sharpening...This will raise the attack by 10 every time~~~~~500GR


If you are going to train with one of these trainers make sure to go to the trainers page and read about it first.

Good Trainers
Master Roshi Gi...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~500GR

Kami Son Gi...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~500GR
S&T Room...You can only use this if you are at Kami's lookout.You may buy it sepratly for~~~~~2000GR
Or you can buy the package deal for only~~~~~2000GR.

Guru Training...Go to the training page to find out more.~~~~~1000GR

Fat Buu Goo...Go to the training page to find out more.~~~~~4000GR

Fading Manual...Go to the training page to find out more.~~~~~200GR

Evil Trainers
Evil Roshi Gi...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~500GR

Bombay Gi...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~500GR

King Kold Training...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~1500GR

Babi Dee's cape ...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~2000GR

Evil Buu Goo...Go to training page to find out more.~~~~~4000GR

Cells Implant Brosure...Go to the training page to find out more.~~~~~6000GR