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Dragon Ball Planets

These are the planets that the Dragon Ball can be found on.Earth,Namek so far.

Earth Dragon "Shen-Lon"

Namek Dragon "Porunga"

You may wish for just about anything if you get all 7 Dragon Ballz.
If you have all 7 Dragon Ballz Make your wish tell me what planet your on then and then E-mail it to me and Porunga or Shen-lon may grant your wish.If the wish is too much of one thing they will not grant it.And if the wish is going to make you to powerful they will not grant it.If you wish for immortality it will only last for one week(7 days).You may wish for just about anything else.You cannot wish for more than 10 items either.
As far as Dragon Balls go if you are a namek with your own planet you can make your own Dragon Balls if you have the ability to.