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    This is Piccolo's and Goku's Rpg!

    If you want to join send me a e-mailGoku 2nd web master is VeggitoPlease take the time to read the rules.This site is fairly new, so please tell us if something is not working.Next, is that we would love to have more members,So please sign up TODAY! Also please enjoy.From Now on you can do Many things. 2 of them being to Join Goku On his way to Namek(King Kold Saga),or Participate in the first Boudaki Tournament.If you would Like to enter the tournament or Go to Namek with Goku Please E-mail Goku.Thank you!!!

    !!!There is a new Partcipants page to show who is going to what tournament or saga!!! Check to see which one you are going to.

    To see how to do a real good gravitron Check out gokus.The Namek Saga kicks off on Thursday(Due to Angelfire complications), So be online on that day!

    !!!!Everyone's Stat's will be Updated @8:00am central time

    We are preparing to introduce some new systems to this rpg.I would Like goku the first for making this better stuff happen.

    The Tournament Match for Sep9 will be!
    Goku vs. Nappa!!winner=Goku
    Mirai Trunks vs. Teen Trunks winner=none
    King Vegita vs. Bardock=winner=none
    Veggeto vs. Majin Vegeta winner=None
    Nail vs. Gotenks!!!!!!winner=None
    Brolly vs. 17!!!!!!!winner=None
    Tien vs. Buu!!!!!!!!winner=None
    Garlic Jr. vs. Goten!!!!!!!!winner=None

    Please join the dark rogues team if u can thank you.

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    * http://www3.ewebcity.com/vegeta/index.html
    Goku Saiyan Goku's Web site adoption well take them *Disclaimer* This is only for the people to enjoy! And there for doesn't do anything but try for Kids and teens to enjoy and does not want to hurt the feelings of Funimations Dragon Ball Z-Gt And If any Question e-mail Goku thankyou for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!