Desiderius Erasmus born in 1466 lived a prosperous 70 year life and
died in 1536. Erasmus born in the Netherlands where his family had
been interested in education for a long time. He grew up to be a
priest and studyed Greek and Latin writings. The works he had 
produced in his life time often preached that man were misled by
ignorance and superstition but through education people could overcome
those injustices of the world and help to create more perfect societies.
He most famous of works he wrote was a book titled 'Praise Of Folly.'
In it depicted the human ignorance and greed. He often wrote the
way he did because he did not agree with many of the things that
the priests and other people would do. Erasmus always was in favor
and spoke for social and religious reformation. He believed strongly
that ignorance could be saved through the path of education. Some
of his other works include: Manual of the Christian Knight, 
The Education of a Christian Prince and Colloquies. Erasmus played
a crucial role in the counter reformation. His position on Reformation
was widely known, he had even influenced Martin Luther. Luther
bgain to look upon Erasmus as an ally because they both shared the
same beliefs on ignorance. If not for Erasmus's works of his beliefs
Martin Luther may not have done his niety five thesis and the 
Counter Reformation may have never begun.

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