Anthony Cruz
Period 6


Tomorrow will be the first full day of Build a book class in the second semester. I will say that I made plenty of mistakes during the first semester L, I will needless to

say redeem myself and try a lot harder this semester to improve my grade and overall performance in build a book. I have a lot of suggestions that I would like to

make and point out, however I will not put them down in the journal for fear of them not being read and I can score some points suggesting them out loud. One

suggestion however, would be to have one group a day edit and revise the book each class period and they would present their changes. The reason I titled this

paper Quicky was because of how fast I had typed it during the dead of night after finishing science homework and starting on this late. As for SRLA I have an 18.6

mile marathon on Sunday and Iím scared of it. It just seems so long, I mean Iíve done a 13.1 mile marathon before but this upcoming one is 5.5 miles more, that is

about roughly 55 more minutes of jogging at my pace if I were to run nonstop! My legs are really sore from a four hour session of laser tag from Saturday night and

the pain still hasnít dimmed, I am kind of scared that my legs will still be sore on the day of the marathon. Not to mention that the actually marathon is exactly one

month away from this Sunday, the big 26.2 mile one, ugh will that one be tough. Next journal hopefully I will be able to address an issue that has been on my mind

for sometime, if I have enough time I will write it, however I will not say my topic because I am still not sure if I will have it ready by next journal due date.