Last weak of school is here finally. A lot of things are due this weak and
it makes me kind of nervous. There is a project for this class that i'm 
still undecided on what I want to do it on. I think I am going to do it on
bridge building. I originally wanted to do it on skating but I want to 
make a skate tape if I do. I remember in the 6th grade that I built a paper
bridge to hold pennies, my bridge held the most. I think I will recreate
it and have other designs to go by it to show what design works best. I 
remember my old design holding some 600 pennies or so. I am also suppose
to train for my marathon over the xmas break. I have a 13 mile marathon
comming up in Janurary and if I don't train over the break it will show.
Nonetheless the 2 weeks of vacation are much needed, my birthday luck
so has it is during the break. We are suppose to change groups before
the break starts and i'm kinda sad that we will, my group is fun as it is.
There is gossip, drama and creative thinking, what more could you ask for
in a group?