I'm begining to wondor what Healy said long ago, 'BAB does a lot for
girls.' I've been noticing that the girls in the class are a lot more
interactive with the class than the males. It seems almost that the
males have never been given the opportunity to think on their own so
they don't know what to think. I feel that they are mindless creatures
sometimes only carrying out what they are told with precission. As for
the girls it almost seems that they have had the urge to explore but
never given the opportunity to do so. My observations are just opinion
though. I myself feel like the male that doesn't interact. As for the
project i am not sure on what my favorite subject will be about.
Although I like a lot of things but what i'm thinking is what will
entertain the class and not bore them to death and what would be
easist for me to talk about that I already know a lot about. I am 
thinking of talking about skateboarding and then showing a short
clip of me skating doing tricks and stuff. I'm thinking it would be
kind of cool but the fact of putting together the clip itself will 
be kind of hard cause i don't have any video camera knowledge of that
sort. I have been thinking of comming up with w a definition of the
word Parallegram but I like the Dictionary version of it. I myself
don't really like it when students change defintions that i grew up
learning and know them to be that one way.