Anthony Cruz
October 1, 2002
Period 6

The ever going, Lala

	Lala. So you want to build a book eh? You want to know what its like? I feel sorry for 

you :( Nope, its not that bad except for journal entries we gotta do everyday for homework. 

Anyhow I am suppose to reflect on what happened the last time I was in BAB.
	It began in the year of Nineteen Ninety-Lala. All was well in the classroom until the bell 

rang. Class had started, yet another day of fun was yet to unfold. Today so turned out to be one 

of the lesser of fun days. In class all that was discussed till the end of the ninety-nine minute 

period was agreeing on geometry terms. I would say there was probably about only ten terms 

that took us the whole period to modify. I was chosen as Thee one to input them into the 

computer. Many arguments were made and some interesting points made. But nonetheless they 

were all thrown out. Needless to say, whatever the class agreed on, it was my choice to decide if 

that is what I wanted or not since I was the inputer person. Then after the huge long discussin 

was over homework was given. We are suppose to write this journal and define four words. Also 

the instructor broke the news to us that the groups that everyone was assigned to would be split 

up and reassigned effective next class. With that in mind I have but one thing left to say. And 

that is, Lala.

Point-A dimensionless geometric object having no properties except location. 

Figure-A geometric form consisting of any combination of points, lines, or planes: 

Degree-A planar unit of angular measure equal in magnitude to 1/360 of a complete revolution. 

Plane-A surface containing all the straight lines that connect any two points on it.