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1) Lalaith
Black Dragon Clan
45th lvl Saracen Infiltraitor
Skill: 1,165

2) Sheltum ShadowWalker[Dark Knights of Camelot]1,088
3) Sannman[Trinity]1,022
4) Vladd TheImpaler[Final Revelation]1,020
5) Mephilious TheRedeemer[Reckoning]1,000
6) Shadowmistress[Ceivmyg Carennydd]959
7) Ibenez[Virtute et Armis]950
8) Asiy[Knighthood of the Red Dragon]940
9) Ifirth[No Mercy]938
10) Anonymous Crafter937
11) Alandria Red[Siege]926
12) Anonymous Crafter923
13) Dexta[Advocates of Faith]918
14) Onua[Wrath of God]913
15) Anonymous Crafter900
16) Xripper KillsSantasHelpers[Riders of the Mark]884
17) Deathstryke[Black Dragon Clan]872
18) Sprague[LD]862
19) Siwmper[Independent]841
20) Xipetotec MasterOfPain[Brothers in Black]821
21) Rhiath Arthimis[Black Dragon Clan]807
22) Blynk[Albion's Irregulars]806
23) Anonymous Crafter800
24) Serex TheAlchemist[Dark Knights of Camelot]797
25) Lumie[Decus Praesidium]793

Individual character data is updated approximately twice weekly.
Characters who have not logged on in 14 days or whose accounts are closed are not included in these totals.
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In the event of a tie, the highest ranking crafter is determined by time in game as shown by /played.
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