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Anthony Cruz
Period 1
Thee Autobiography

It all started with the great race. I had one hundred thousand opponents to compete with and I wasnít about to give up so easy. I admit I may have done some nasty tricks along the way, but I won. Nine months later on December 30th, 1986 I, Anthony Thomas Cruz, was born. I was the second son of Raymond and Adela Cruz. I had yet to begin my reign of terror as the attention grabber.

Those first three weeks of my life were something else. I didnít realize I was alive until the 27th of January. For some reason everything up to the age of four is a blur. From the earliest memories of my childhood I can still remember my first day of school. I still remember how excited I was to go out of my house and explore the real world without the guidance of my parents. From what my mother tells me, I was very different on my first day of school than that of my older brothers. He on the other hand, was not happy but reluctant to leave my mother due to the fact he thought school was a punishment like timeout. There was something unusual of my development of childhood. From preschool I excelled in areas of mathematics and reasoning. Even to this day I continue to practice and sharpen my skills.

A few months had passed and my vacation had come to an end, Kindergarten had started... It was in that year I had realized what school really was. It was no longer a place of having fun and play time, for those periods of time given to us had been cut short compared to preschool. I was introduced to the alphabet and developed some skill and knowledge of reading and writing. It was also in that year that I learned I would be attracted to the opposite sex. Kindergarten is where I had also became a comedian.

And so as soon as I started to like Kindergarten it was over...First grade had begun. Longfellow Elementary School in Whittier, California is where I would attend grades one through fifth. First grade had been nothing like preschool or Kindergarten, I knew that things would change from then. I learned very basic addition and subtraction and practiced crude forms of drawing. I had entertained many of my peers including my instructors during that year and left a sense of feeling on them that they would not forgot as long as I attended that school.

All good things had to come to an end...Second grade was about to begin. It was the grade where I learned the cores of education that I was required to learn, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Addition and subtraction was more intense that year as long as reading. Vocabulary was be given more frequently. So much work was thrown onto my back, I had no clue that that would happen. But nonetheless I prevailed and triumphed.

So it came to be....Third Grade had come. I honestly would have to say that throughout my years of education, the third grade was my worst year, I disliked that teacher. That year multiplication was learned. I had mastered what they taught me within a few day and was always obtaining the highest test scores for math. I had many misunderstandings with the teacher and lost her favor, but nonetheless I continued to do what I had to do. Many scoldings were given that year.

The nightmare was over, a new year had begun...Fourth Grade was the next challenge. Division was learned. I had a splendid time that year. That year went by like a breeze. I had made many acquaintances during that year. It was there where I was referred to as AC (my initials) and sometimes ACE. Fifth grade is a complete blur. I remember it being really bad though.

So when I thought I would be the king of the school being the highest grade it happened...6th grade at Longfellow ended at the end of my 5th grade year. I then attended Walter F. Dexter Middle School. I was the lowest grade all over again. It was there I had my best math teacher, Mr. Gerson. He had taught me pre-algebra and some algebra. I later learned that that was his last year of teaching at that school. I was greatly saddened from this news. I also met my best friend this year, Joshua M. Hibbard. We met in a class room when he sat next to a girl I admired and would taunt me on how I couldnít sit next to her which was his seat.

The corruption of the school was slowly becoming clear....Seventh grade was at hand. The next two years at this school were by far the evilest years of my schooling. Math and English teacherís both female had anger problems. Many many scolding were given that year. I had many bad encounters with my English teacher, Mrs. Lawerence. Even to this day I still dislike her.

Last year at that school had finally come....Eighth Grade. I had gone through the year with a couple of problem along the way, but when Christmas Vacation came around I transfer to Dean L. Shively. This school in my opinion was very odd. Seemed like everyone knew your name and had some form of history with everyone. All the children were friendly towards each other, until after I came. It so turned out that girls wanted to start trouble with my current girlfriend and almost beat her up. After that point the school was corrupted in a small way thanks to me.

The madness was finally over...High School Here I come, Ninth Grade. My first big step into the big world. My classes were advanced for my grade and many people at registration thought I had sophomore classes. The year went by and a friend dear to me left after first semester. I had passed all of my classes except for one, Drama 2, the first class I had ever failed.

No Longer was I a freshman....Sophomore year was here. So far the first three days of school have been madness. Three honorís classes this year including: English, Biology and, World History. All of my life had led up to World History where I had to write an Autobiography. This paper is it. Thirsty and famished I am frantically finishing the last words of this paper at two thirty in the morning with school starting in a few hours. So I end this paper saying this: ďProcrastination is like Masturbation, itís all fun and games in the beginning until the end you realize your only screwing yourself.Ē

Anthony Cruz
Period 6

Thee Square

	It all began with the coin toss. The toss that would determine the simplicity of my period in that 

class. Sadly, I got the short end of the straw. The class was geometry, the time was one am. The 

previous day an assignment was due. Those four people that failed to comply with the rules were sat 

outside and missed that days lesson. But for the others that made it, were in store for a surprise.

	From earlier lessons we were taught how to bisect line and angels. This day was different. The 

class learned how to find out to bisect a line at the end point. It took awhile for the class to catch on to 

what was going on. It took two guided samples to teach the class. With that in mind later we were 

assigned to make a perfect square from one line segment. I then learned that we had to justify that each

corner was ninety degrees and perpendicular to the base line. I had stayed after class attempting to find 

solution to this problem. Many attempts were given and all ended up in failure. I was then given the tip 

of applying what I had learned that day and then go from there.

	Time passed on and my mind grew weary of the problem. I later went to Walmart to purchase 

a compass and ruler. I had come home shortly after and randomly attempted to make the square. With 

the tip in mind I messed with the lines and came up with the solution. It seemed all to easy and not 

nearly as hard as it was during the first attempt. I am proud to say that on next meeting day of 

Geometry that I will turn in my square and receive extra credit.