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Heero Yuy

Code Name:

Heero Yuy

Real Name:

Odin Lowe Jr.


Gundam Piolet








Persian Blue

Hair Color:

Dark Brown


Wing Gundam, Mercurius, and Wing Zero

Background Information:

Background: Heero Yuy was raised by an assassin named Odin Lowe. He was never much of a father to Heero, thus beginning Yuy's journey into hatred. Odin taught Heero to block out all emotion, especially things like guilt and love. This is where Heero got his real name, Odin Lowe Jr.

Yuy was sent to Earth, with aide and guidance from Dr. J. The Doctor saw that Heero was the perfect soldier, and the perfect one to get the job done. To destroy the colonies of an organization called OZ was his main mission. At the time, Heero only knew fighting, and the ways of a soldier, so killing was like breathing to him.

Heero was told time and time again that he was useless; that nobody loved him. Loneliness, anger, and depression now were strong in Heero's brain. It was to the point that he could no longer control his emotion. Yuy was abandoned, leaving him all by himself in the world. Then he met the other Gundam pilots. . .

When Heero arrived on this planet, a girl named Relena Peacecraft (Darlian at the time,) saw him, causing Heero to run. Nobody was supposed to know of Heero's identity, so from then on, there was another goal on his list: to kill Relena.

Then there was Duo Maxwell. He, too, showed Heero kindness, and helped him escape from captivity. Captivity wasn't the only thing Heero began to escape, though. Slowly but surely, kindness and love became obvious factors in Heero's life. It was often frightening, but this new outlook brought Heero Yuy back down to Earth, as a human being instead of a killing machine. He dropped his desire to destroy Relena. In fact, he became attached to her. Threats to the woman still crossed his mind, but were quickly stomped out every time they were together. "Distraction" turned to friendship, and destruction turned to love. (as much as I hate to say it.. . . )

I now remember a story Kate told me. When Heero was eight, Dr. J sent him to destroy a colony. Before he went, he met this little girl and her puppy dog. Anyway, he blew up the colony, and learned that his new friend(sorta) and the puppy were killed. He started to cry(poor baby!) Dr. J saw this and told Heero to stop, also pushing out the compassion in him.

Now a little non-seriousness. (If thats a word) I wish Heero didn't love Releena. You can really tell by episode 45 or 46. . . . Makes me mad that way.