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The Epyon

Performance ability levels:

fighting 160; weapons 140; speed 160; power 150; armor 140

Equipment and design features:

head-mounted sensors; EPYON System in cockpit; self-destruct system

Fixed armaments:

1 x beam sword, directly powered by generator via cable, stored in rack on right hip armor, hand-carried in use

Background Information:

Designed and built by OZ leader Treize Khushrenada during the political and military chaos occuring in Year 195 of the After Colony Era, the OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon was intended to be the physical manifestation of Treize's martial ideals. Based on combat data acquired on the Gundams fighting OZ and the Romefeller Foundation, the Gundam Epyon ("epyon" is Greek for "next") was intended to be the perfect weapon for Treize's envisioned perfect soldier.

Rather than incorporating ranged weapons used by "cowardly" soldiers with no warrior's sense of fulfillment, Treize armed the Epyon with only two weapons: a razor-sharp, retractable tentacle heat rod - effective for both grappling and slicing enemies at high speed - and a large beam sword, connected directly to the mobile suit's generator via a power cable. These "duelist's" weapons were the only weapons a "true" soldier would need, and Treize, seeing the personal philosophies he lived by embodied in the Gundam pilots, waited until the day he could give his perfect weapon to one of these perfect soldiers. In addition to these melee weapons, the Epyon could transform into a mobile armor mode for atmospheric flight and added speed and mobility.
That day came when Treize - having withdrawn his support for the Romefeller Foundation's new direction of purpose - was under seige in his Luxenbourg headquarters by Romefeller loyalists attempting to take out Treize and his proud supporters. Gundam pilot Heero Yuy arrived on the scene, and his meeting with Treize ended in Heero's acquiring the Gundam Epyon for his personal use. To Heero's surprise, the Epyon incorporated a dangerous cockpit system similar to that of the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero - one that interfaced directly with the pilot's mind, eliminating all doubts and fears and providing its pilot with unquestionable knowledge of his enemies and the ability to achieve total victory. Heero, having already had this disturbing experience with the Wing Zero, quickly mastered this new Gundam's "EPYON System," though he would later end up trading mobile suits with former OZ pilot Zechs Merquise, who had just recently acquired the Wing Zero himself. Zechs would keep the Gundam Epyon for the remainder of the fighting occuring that year, leading his own soulless mobile doll "troops" on the front lines against Treize's World Nation and the Gundam pilots.