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The Angels of Death

Duo Maxwell

Code Name:

"The God of Death"

Real Name:

Duo Maxwell


Gundam Piolet








Cobalt Blue

Hair Color:



Deathsyte and Deathsyte Hell

Background Information:

Duo Maxwell is an orphan of U.S. descent who was raised by the L2 colony's social services program. The name Duo Maxwell comes from two stories. First the name Duo comes from a partner in battle. One time he was shot and before he died he told Duo (he wasn't called that at the time though) that he would always be with him throughout his battles. Hence the name Duo, he called himself that ever since that incident. Now the name Maxwell came from the Church that took him in as an orphan. Evidently it was destroyed during a battle.

By the age of 15, he had already been employed in field operations and as a mechanic. Despite his hardships, Duo has a cheerful outlook. At times, he finds his friends overly serious and tries to teach them to relax and enjoy themselves.

Duo's light-heartedness, however, is not reflected in his fighting. As the pilot of the Deathscyte, he is a determined warrior willing to sacrifice anything for victory. His fighting ability combined with his gentle and humorous persona make Duo very popular.