RENT- Gargoyles style.

Hi all! Well... in an effort to give you some class (wink, wink) Here is my FAVE musical ever, Gargoyles style. Now, some people may not be too happy with is, seeing most of the charcters from RENT have AIDS... well, guess what? DEAL. I hope you enjoy. RENT was written by the late great Jonathan Larson, and although some of the libretto has been *tweaked*, (Angel, a drag queen, being played by Angela, who is a girl) It's all been done in respect and great love for this masterpiece.. Also, becuase of mere length, this will be in four parts, each part divided like the cassette version of the recorded music.

Enjoy! Love-Mara

PS.. I hope to have some pictures for this sooner or later... Be patient, ok? If you make any, feel free to send them to me here.

(Note, the name changes for all you Rentheads is as follows:

Mark Cohen-Lex

Roger Davis-Brooklyn

Tom Collins-Broadway

Benjamin Coffey III-David Xanatos

Allison- Janine Reanard (Foxy)




Lexington toils with his camera, describing the layout of the small East Village loft he shares with his roommate and rookery brother, Brooklyn. "We begin on Christmas Eve with me, Lex, and my roommate, Brooklyn. We live in an industrial loft on the corner of 11th street and Avenue B, the top floor of what was once a music publishing factory. Old rock 'n' roll posters hang on the walls. They have Brooklyn's picture advertising gigs at CBGB's and the Aerie Pyramid Club. We have an illegal wood burning stove; its exhaust pipe crawls up to a skylight. All of our electrical appliances are plugged into one thick extension cord which snakes its way out a window. Outside, a small tent city has sprung up in the lot next to our building. Inside, we are freezing because we have no heat."

He then points the camera to Brooklyn, who is furiously tuning his guitar to no avail. "Smile!"

"December 24, 9:00pm, EST.. from here on end I shoot without a script." Lexington narrates, thinking aloud. "See if anything comes of it; instead of my old shit. First shot: Brooklyn, tuning the fender guitar he hasn't played in a year-"

"This won't tune." Brooklyn mutters half-heartedly.

"So we hear." Lexington smirks from behind the camera, and says in a conspirator's whisper "He's just coming back, from half a year of withdrawal."

"You talking to me?"Brooklyn cuts in, glaring at him threateningly.

"Not at all.."Lex placates with a grin. "Are you ready? Hold that focus steady! Tell the folks at home what your doing, Brooklyn!"

"I'm writing one great song-" Brooklyn is cut off by the ring of the telephone.

"The phone rings!"Lex interjects, narrating again.

"Saved!"Brooklyn mutters under his breath.

Lex states. "We screen. Zoom in on the answering machine."

The machine starts, with Lex and Brooklyn's combined voices: "SPEAK.", then beeps loudly.

Lex's mother can be heard on the other line. "That was a very loud beep. I don't even know if this is working, Lex? Lex, are you there? Are you screening your calls? It's Mom. We just wanted to call and say we love you, and we'll miss you tomorrow. Asrial and the kids are here, send their love-Oh! I hope you like the hot plate. Just don't leave it on, dear, when you leave the house. Oh, and Lex? We're sorry to hear Demona dumped you, I say "C'est La Vie." So let her be a lesbian- there are other fishies in the sea. Love, MOM!"

Lexington rolls his eyes, before beginning to taunt Brooklyn again. "Tell the folks at home, what your doing, Brooklyn!"

"I'm writing one great song-" Once again, Brooklyn is cut off by the telephone.

"The phone rings!" Lex exclaims.

"Yes!" Brookyln sighs, relieved.

"We screen." The combined recorded voices again state. "SPEAK."

"Chesnuts roasting-" A familar voice to them both sings.

Both exclaim, "Broadway!"

Broadway smiles, at the payphones, under the building. "I'm downstairs. Brooklyn picked up the phone?" He asks, hopeful.

"No it's me" Lex says.

Broadway grins, looking up at the loft from the payphone below. "Throw down the key." Lex dangles a spare set of keys out of the window, and drops them, Broadway catches them.

"A wild night is now pre-ordained!" Lex smiles.

Broadway notices two Quarrymen thugs have surrounded him. "I may be detained." The sound of punching is heard and then the line goes dead.

Lex hangs up, hoping that Broadway calls back. As if on cue, the phone rings again. Instead of screening,

he picks it up, concerned for his rookery brother. "What do you mean, detained?"

"Ho, ho, ho." Another familar voice is heard.

Lex's jaw gapes and covers the mouthpiece of the phone, speaking to Brooklyn. "David."

Brooklyn is unimpressed. "Shit.

"Dudes, I'm on my way." David continues.

Lex, trying to be optimistic. "Great."

"Fuck." Brooklyn mutters.

"I need the rent." David finishes, twirling the phone cord around his pinky.

Both gargoyles are stunned.

"What rent?" Lex asks, disbelieving.

Coolly, David answers. "This past year's rent, which I let slide."

"Let 'slide'?" Lex begins to get angry at his former roommate."You said we were golden-"

"-when you bought the building!" Brooklyn finishes for him.

"When we were roommates... " Lex asks, trying to be patient.

"Remember?You lived here!?" Brooklyn says angrily.

"Remember?" David laughs." How could I forget! You, me, Broadway and Demmie- how is the drama queen?"

"She's performing tonight!" Lex says.

"I know, still her production manager?" David asks, a strain of hope in his voice.

"Two days again, I was bumped." Lex sighes.

"You still dating her?" David tries again.

Lex sighes again, rubbing at his temples. "Last month, I was dumped."

Brooklyn comments, smirking. "She's in *love*."

David raises an eyebrow intrigued. "She's got a new man?"

"Well... no." Lex stutters.

David, grinning. "What's his name?"

Both, Brooklyn and Lex. "Margo."

"Rent, my amigos, is due. Or I will have to evict you. Be there is a few." Then, David hangs up. Suddenly, the lights go out in the apartment.

Lex narrates again." The power blows."


How do you document real life

When real life is getting more

Like fiction each day

Headlines -- bread-lines

Blow my mind

And now this deadline

"Eviction -- or pay"



How do you write a song

When the chords sound wrong

Though they once sounded right and rare

When the notes are sour

Where is the power

You once had to ignite the air


And we're hungry and frozen


Some life that we've chosen


How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

Last year's rent

Lex holds up a large box of matches. "We light candles." The two huddle around hte illegal wood burning stove, and try to build a fire.


How do you start a fire

When there's nothing to burn

And it feels like something's stuck in your flue


How can you generate heat

When you can't feel your feet


And they're turning blue!


You light up a mean blaze

Brooklyn grabs one of his own posters. "With posters-" Lex grabs old manuscripts. "And screenplays"


How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

Last year's rent

Lights go down on the loft and go up on Margo Yale, who's at the pay phone. Speaking into the phone. "Don't screen, Demmie. It's me -- Margo.Your substitute production manager. Hey hey hey!" She pauses. "Did you eat?"

Over the phone, Demona says "I'm so nervous!"

Margo rolls her eyes."Don't change the subject, Demmie"

"I'll be sick if I eat something!" Demona whines into the phone.

"But darling -- " Margo interjects patiently. "You haven't eaten all day."

Over the phone, Demona keeps at it. " But, they'll be so many humans! I may throw up!"

Margo does her best to try to coach Demona,"You won't throw up.You won't throw up."

"How's the digital delay for the protest?" Demona abruptly changes the subject.

Margo blanches."The digital delay --- Didn't blow up (exactly). There may have been one teeny tiny spark."

"I'm calling Lex!" Demona speaks into the phone, "He'll know what to do."

This is the last thing Margo wants. "You're not calling Lex!"

Broadway, leaning against the payphones under the building, badly beaten up by the Quarrymen. "How do you stay on your feet, when on every street it's 'trick or treat'? And tonight it's 'trick'!'Welcome back to town'. Oh, I should lie down. Everything's brown and uh -- oh. I feel sick

Lex, looks out the window trying to find Broadway. "Where is he?"

Broadway moans softly, holding his sotmach, "Gettin' dizzy." He collapses.


How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

How we gonna pay

Last year's rent

Lex and Brooklyn stoke the fire with memorabilla. Crosscut to David's Range Rover. He speaks into a cellular phone. "Jeanine baby -- you sound sad. I don't believe those two after everything I've done. Ever since our wedding I'm dirt -- They'll see, I can help them all out in the long run."

Three locales: Margo at the pay phone, Lex and Brooklyn in their loft, and Broadway on the ground. The following is sung simultaneously.


Forces are gathering

Forces are gathering

Can't turn away

Forces are gathering




Ughhhhh-- I can't think



Ughhhhh-- I need a drink

Lex reads from a script page. "The music ignites the night with passionate fire"


Demmie -- I'm not a theatre person!

Brooklyn, reading from the same page. "The narration crackles and pops with incendiary wit"


Could never be a theatre person


Zoom in as they burn the past to the ground

Margo realizes she's been cut off "Hello?"


And feel the heat of the future's glow

Margo tries again."Hello?"

The phone rings in the loft. Lex picks it up. "Hello? Demmie?--Your equipment won't work?

Okay, all right, I'll go!"


How do you leave the past behind

When it keeps finding ways to get to your heart

It reaches way down deep and tears you inside out

Till you're torn apart



How can you connect in an age

Where strangers, landlords, lovers

Your own blood cells betray


What binds the fabric together

When the raging, shifting winds of change

Keep ripping away

David, coaching himself. "Draw a line in the sand and then make a stand."

"Use your camera to spar!" Brooklyn teases.

Lex counters. "Use your guitar."


When they act tough - you call their bluff


We're not gonna pay


We're not gonna pay


We're not gonna pay


Last year's rent

This year's rent

Next year's rent

Rent rent rent rent rent

We're not gonna pay rent


'Cause everything is rent!

Downstairs, Broadway is nursing his wounds after being mugged for his trenchcoat. He has a busted knee. A young lavender female gargoyle calls to him from a large Christmas tree sculpture that she is sitting on, a plastic pickle tub between her knees, like a drum. "You ok, honey?"

Broadway sighs, shivering a tiny bit from the cold."I'm afraid so."

"They get any money?" She presses, walking closes to him.

"No.. " he shakes his head. "..had none to get. But they purloined my coat... Well you missed a sleave!" Sarcastically he mutters. "Thanks."

The female grins and shrugs. "Hell, it's Christmas eve! I'm Angela."

"Angela?" Broadway repeats, looking her over." Indeed. An angel in the first degree. Friends call me Broadway.. uh.. just Broadway. Nice tree."

Angela smiles and takes his arm. "Let's get a band-aid for your knee. I'll change. There's a Life Suppport meeting at 9:30." As if to answer and unspoken question, charmingly. "Yes, this body provides a comfortable home for the Aquired Immune Defiencency Syndrome."

Broadway perks up. "As does mine."

"We'll get along fine! Get you a coat, have a bite, make a night. I'm flushed!" She smiles again, flirtily.

"But-" Broadway just remembers. "My friends are waiting."

She postively glows. "You're cute when you blush! The more the merri -Ho ho ho. And I do not take 'No.'" The two of them walk away, already half in love.

Back at the loft, Lexington is about to step out. "Where you going?" Brooklyn asks from over his guitar.

"Demona calls."

"You're such a sucker!" Brooklyn remarks to Lex.

Lex ignores the coment. "I don't suppose you'd like to see her show in the lot tonight?" Brooklyn shrugs. "Or come to dinner?"

Brooklyn counters. "Zoom in on my empty wallet."

"Touche. Take your AZT." Lex says softly, speaking to himself as he holds up the camera."Close on Brooklyn. His girlfriend Maggie left a note, saying "WE GOT AIDS." before slitting her wrists in the bathroom." Then, to Brooklyn. "I'll check up on you later - Change your mind. You have to get out of the house."He leaves.

All alone now, Brooklyn strums the strings on the guitar, trying to coach himself. "I'm writing one great song before I." He sits on the edge of the table, playing the guitar, trying to find the words he so desperately needs. The light from the window distorts his shadow, making it loom above him. His voice is soft, but clear.


One song


One song

Before I go


One song to leave behind

Find one song

One last refrain


From the pretty boy front man

Who wasted opportunity

One song

He had the world at his feet


In the eyes of a young girl

A young girl

Find glory

Beyond the cheap colored lights

One song

Before the sun sets

Glory - on another empty life

Time flies - time dies

Glory - One blaze of glory

One blaze of glory - glory



In a song that rings true

Truth like a blazing fire

An eternal flame


One song

A song about love


From the soul of a young man

A young man


The one song

Before the virus takes hold


Like a sunset

One song

To redeem this empty life

Time flies

And then - no need to endure anymore

Time dies

There is a knocking at the door, rather abruptly. "The door." He says obviously and hops off the table to open it. Expecting Lex, he asks coldly "What'd you forget?"

Instead of Lex, however, there is a beautiful jade-colored female gargoyle. "Got a light?" She smiles at him prettily.

His jaw nearly scrapes the floor in surprise. "I know you. You're- you're shivering."

She smiles weakly at him. "It's nothing. They've turned off my heat. And I'm just a little weak on my feet. Would you light my candle?" She notices his blank gaze at her, as he lights the candle and says defensively."What are you staring at?"

"Nothing. "Brooklyn blushes.. then drifts off. "You're hair in the moonlight. You look familliar. Can you make it?" He asks again, slightly concerned as she stumbles against the door.

She waves it off. "Just haven't eaten much today... At least the room stopped spinning anyway." She notices his stare again. "What?!"

"Nothing.. Um, you're smiled reminded me off-"

She smiles, bitterly. "I always remind people of. Who is she?"

"She died." Brookltn says softly. "Her name was Maggie."

"It's out again!" She pouts to him, holding out the extinguished candle. "Sorry 'bout your friend. Would you light my candle?" He lights it and they both linger, shyly. A bit of the wax drips onto her finger. "Ouch!" She hisses.

"Oh.. the wax!" Brookly says, apologetically. "It's..."

"Dripping" The green gargoyle finishes with a sexy grin." I like it between my.."

"Talons! I figured. " Brooklyn would be bright red right now save for his coloring. "Oh well. Goodnight." He sees her out. She blows the lighted candle out halfway down the hall, the returns.

"It blew out again?" Brooklyn asks, expectedly.

"No. I think that I dropped my stash." The girl says, worriedly. She begins a furtive search of the apartment loft.

"I used to see you out and about,, when I used to go out. Your candle's out. "Brooklyn points out. The gargress's mind however, is with her stash.

"I'm illin'. I had it when I walked in the door. It was pure!" She complains, then goes on hands and knees, looking under the table. "Is it on the floor?" Her rear end in right in Brooklyn's view.

"The floor?" Brooklyn asks, eyes widening.

"They say that I have the best ass below 14th Street. " The girl says, noticing his stare. "Is it true?"


She pouts, since he hasn't seem to realize she's flirting. "You're staring again."

Brooklyn stutters. "Oh no... I mean- you do. Have a nice...I mean. You look familliar."

"Like your dead girlfriend?" She asks, raising a brow ridge.

He brings a head to his head, and smiles. "Only when you smile, but I'm sure I've seen you somewhere else."

The female puckers her lips thoughtfully. "Do you go to the Kat Scratch Klub? That's where I work-I dance. " She sighs, frustrated and continues to search for her stash. "Help me look?"

"Yes!" He exclaims, finally recognizing her, "They used to tie you up."

She shrugs. "It's a living."

"I didn't recongize you without the handcuffs." Brooklyn grins.

She douses out the candle again and smiles sexily."We could light the candle. Oh won't you light the candle?" Brooklyn lights it again.

"Why don't you forget that stuff? You look like you're sixteen." Brooklyn comments, knowing all to well what it is to be addicted to that stuff.

The girl makes a face."I'm nineteen, but I'm old for my age. I'm just born to be bad" She sways her hips tauntingly.

"I once was born to be bad." Brooklyn reminscies.. introspective. "I used to shiver like that"

"I have no heat - I told you!" she tries to cover up.

He isn't fooled."I used to sweat."

"I got a cold." She rolls her eyes, not believing her own excuses, herself.

Brooklyn crosses his arms over his lean chest. "Uh huh. I used to be a junkie."

She shrugs, not denying it. "But now and then I like to-"

"Uh huh"

"Feel good" She finishes, hugging her elbows.

"Here it - um."Brooklyn stoops and picks up a small object: her stash.

"What's that?" The girl asks, a thread of desperation in her voice.

Brooklyn puts it behind his back and into his pocket."It's a candy bar wrapper."

"We could light the candle.." She purrs. Brooklyn discreetly blows out the candle. "What'd you do with my candle?" They stand together in darkness.

"That was my last match." He says, apologetically.

She smiles."Our eyes'll adjust, thank God for the moon."

"Maybe it's not the moon at all." He says with a straight face. "I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street."

"Bah humbug ... Bah humbug!" She grins and places her hand under his, pretending to do it by accident.

Brooklyn smiles at her. "Cold hands."

"Yours too." She replies. "Big. Like my father's," Abruptly she asks, swaying her body to some unheard rhythm. "You wanna dance?"

"With you?" he asks, eyes widening slightly.

She smirks. "No -- with my father."

Realizing he hasn't introduced himself to her yet. "I'm Brooklyn"

"They call me... They call me Sata!" They come extremely close to a kiss. Sata reaches into his pocket, nabs the stash, waves it in front of his face, and makes a sexy exit.

Margo's loft. In blackout another phone rings. We see Demona insilhouette."Hi. You've reached Demona and Margo. Leave a message and don't forget"Over the Hunter's Moon" -- My performance, protesting the eviction of the Homeless(and gargoyles) from the Eleventh Street Lot. Tonight at midnight in the lotbetween A and B. Party at Life Cafe to follow." (BEEP)


Well, Margo -- We're off

I tried you at the office

And they said you're stage managing or something


Remind her that those unwed mothers in Brigton.

Need her legal help too


Call Robyn for our itinerary or Owen at Pound Ridge

Or Brendan at the state department in a pinch

We'll be at the spa for new year's

Unless the senator changes his mind


The hearings


Oh yes Kitten

Mummy's confirmation hearing begins on the tenth

We'll need you alone - by the sixth




You hear that?

It's three weeks away

And she's already nervous


I am not!


For Mummy's sake, Kitten

No endangered snake Armanis this time, and wear a dress

Oh, and Kitten -- have a merry


And off with that headband!

(Lex and' Brooklyn's loft. Lexington points the camera to broadway, who has just entered."Enter Broadway, culinary genius, teacher, vagabond anarchist, who ran naked through Prince Malcolm's wedding." Broadway carries Angela's pickle tub, now filled with provisions.


Bustelo - Marlboro

Banana by the bunch

A box of Captain Crunch will taste so good


And firewood


Look - it's Santa Claus


Are you calling me fat?


Oh hi


'Oh hi' after seven months?




This boy could use some Stoli


Oh holy night


You struck gold at MIT?


They expelled me for my theory of Actual Reality

Which I'll soon impart

To the couch potatoes at New York University

Still haven't left the house?


I was waiting for you, don't you know?


Well, tonight's the night

Come to the Life Cafe after Demmie's show


No flow


Gentlemen, our benefactor on this Christmas Eve

Whose charity is only matched by talent, I believe

A new member of the Alphabet City avant-garde

Angela Destine-Wyvern!

(Angela sashays in. She's gorgeously done up in a Santa outfit, with a fan of

twenty-dollar bills in each hand)


Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me


And you should hear her beat!


You earned this on the street?


It was my lucky night today on Avenue A

When a lady in a limousine drove my way

She said, "Dahling be a dear haven't slept in a year

I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear"

"This Akita-Evita just won't shut up

I believe if you play non-stop that pup

Will breathe its very last high-strung breath

I'm certain that cur will bark itself to death"

Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me

We agreed on a fee - A thousand dollar guarantee

Tax-free - and a bonus if I trim her tree

Now who could foretell that it would go so well

But sure as I am here that dog is now in doggy hell

After an hour - Evita - in all her glory

On the window ledge of that 23rd story

Like Thelma & Louise did when they got the blues

Swan dove into the courtyard of the Gracie Mews

Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me"

Angela does a fabulous drum and dance solo.

"Then back to the street where I met my sweet

Where he was moaning and groaning on the cold concrete

The nurse took him home for some mercurochrome

And I dressed his wounds and got him back on his feet

Sing it!

Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me

Today for you - tomorrow for me

David walks up to the building, first shooing away a homeless person from his Range Rover. "Joy to the world .Hey, you bum! Yeah, you, move over. Get your ass off that range rover."

Lexington sighs and protests to David. "That attitude toward the homeless is just what Demona is protesting tonight." Holds camera up to David. "Close up: David Xanatos, our ex-roommate who married JanineRenaurd, of the Westport Renaurds - then bought the building and the lot next door from his father-in-law in hopes of starting a cyber studio, gaining immortality and taking over the world. Not neccessarily in that order."


Demmie is protesting

Losing her performance space

Not my attitude


What happened to David

What happened to his heart

And the ideals he once pursued?

David presses his case. "The owner of that lot next door has a right to do with it as he pleases."

"Happy birthday, Jesus!" Broadway mutters sarcastically.

"The rent." David reminds them, holding out his palm to Lex.

Lex says, annoyed. "You're wasting your time"

"We're broke!" Brooklyn says

Lex finishes Brooklyn's thought. "And you broke your word - this is absurd."

David strokes his chin thoughtfully."There is one way you won't have to pay."

"I knew it!" Brookyln says, eyes lighting up whitely.

"Next door, the home of Xanacorps, you see...And now that the block is re-zoned

Our dream can become a reality." He smiles to both of them.


You'll see boys

You'll see boys

A state of the art, digital, virtual interactive studio

I'll forego your rent and on paper guarantee

That you can stay here for free

If you do me one small favor

"What?" Lex cuts in, unable to believe he's hearing this.

David smiles cockily. "Convince Demona to cancel her protest."

Lex rolls his eyes, knowing how difficult that would be, moral apprehensions aside. "Why not just get an injunction or call the cops?"

"I did, and they're on stand by." David grins, being one to not take any chance. "But my investors would rather I handle this quietly."

Brooklyn cries out."You can't quietly wipe out an entire tent city

Then watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' on TV!"

David fixes the cuffs on her shirt, as if he's heard that one before. "You want to produce films and write songs? You need somewhere to do it!It's what we used to dream about.Think twice before you pooh-pooh it."


You'll see boys

You'll see boys

You'll see - the beauty of a studio

That lets us do our work and get paid

With condos on the top

Whose rent keeps open our shop

Just stop the protest

And you'll have it made

You'll see -

or you'll pack" he finishes, and leaves.

Angela makes a face, holding onto Broadway's arm. "That boy could use some prozac."

Brooklyn says, disgusted. "Or heavy drugs."

Lex, still trying to be optimistic. "Or group hugs."

"Which reminds me," Broadway says, looking at the smiling Angela. "We have a detour to make tonight. Anyone who wants to can come along" he says, glancing at Brooklyn meaningfully.

Angela nods. "Life support's a group for people coping with life... You don't have to stay too long."

Lex nods that he'll go. "First I've got a protest to save."

Angela looks to the red beaked gargoyle. "Brooklyn?"

"I'm not much company you'll find." He answers, testily.

Lex makes a face."Behave."

Angela smiles, giving him the benefit of the doubt. "He'll catch up later - He's just go other things on his mind.You'll see boys"

Lex and Broadway take up the tune, making fun of David's earlier words. "We'll see boys."

Brooklyn, a bit depressed. "Let it be boys!"

Broadway, gesture to Brooklyn, smiling at Angela."Just like boys.."

Angela flirts. "Boys like me."

All sing together. "We'll see."

The lot. Margo is reexamining the cable connections for the umpteenth time.Lex narrates again, sighing. "And so into the abyss...The lot. Where a small stage is partially set up."

Margo is playing with some wires, trying to get the contraption to work. "Line in... I went to Harvard for this?"

Lex narrates again. "Close on Lex's nose dive."

"Line out..." Margo says, shivering a bit from the cold.

Lex says dramatically, nervous about meeting his ex's new girlfriend. "Will he get out of here alive...?"

Margo notices Lex approaching. "Lex?"

"Hi." He says, smiling lamely.

Margo, still facing the equipment. "I told her not to call you."

"That's Demona." Lex shrugs. "But can I help since I'm here?"

Very coldy, Margo replies. "I hired an engineer."

"Great!" he sighs a breath of relief, off the hook. "Well, nice to have met-"

"Wait!" She gives a nervous giggle. "She's three hours late. The samples won't delay, but the cable."

Completely used to that situation from his previous stint as Demona's stage manager. "There's another way. " he hands her the mike. "Say something - anything."

"Test - one, two three" Margo,into the mike.

Lex makes a face. "Anything but that."


This is weird


It's weird


Very weird


Fuckin' weird


I'm so mad

That I don't know what to do

Fighting with microphones

Freezing down to my bones

And to top it all off

I'm with you


Feel like going insane?

Got a fire in your brain?

And you're thinking of drinking gasoline?

Margo nodding. "As a matter of fact."

Lex grins. "Honey, I know this act. It's called the 'Tango Demmie'"


The Tango Demmie

It's a dark, dizzy merry-go-round

As she keeps you dangling

Margo gasps. "You're wrong!'


Your heart she is mangling

"It's different with me." She protests.


And you toss and you turn

'Cause her cold eyes can burn

Yet you yearn and you churn and rebound

She pauses, thinking. "I think I know what you mean."


The Tango Demmie

"Has she ever pouted her lips and called you 'Pookie'?" Lex asks, exchanging notes with her about Demona's behavior.

Margo smiles at the absurdity of it. "Never."

"Have you ever doubted a kiss or two?" he presses.

Mrgo blanches. "This is spooky. Did you swoon when she walked through the door?"

"Every time - so be cautious" Lex answers.

Margo asking again. "Did she moon over other gargs?"

Lex rolls his eyes, thinking about Goliath and Thailog... and Brooklyn that one time... and lord knows who else. "More than moon."

She makes a face, Demona being the first gargoyle she ever considered attractive, and only because she's human druing the day. "I'm getting nauseous." They begin to dance, with Lex leading.

"Where'd you learn to tango?" he asks.

"With the French Ambassador's daughter in her dorm room at Miss Porter's.And you?"

Lex shrugs. "With Delilah. The Mutate's adopted daughter at the Abandoned Cyberbotics

Reasearch Facility." They switch, and Margo leads. "It's hard to do this backwards"

"You should try it in heels!" Margo laughs, stamping her foot empathetically. They go back to talking about Demona. "She cheated?"

Lex nods. "She cheated."

Margo sighs. "Demmie cheated."

"Fuckin' cheated." He repeats, a bit angerily, remembering.

"I'm defeated,I should give up right now" She says, hanging her head.

Lex shrugs. "Gotta look on the bright side with all of your might."

Margo nods slowly. "I'd fall for her still anyhow."


When you're dancing her dance

You don't stand a chance

Her grip of romance

Make you fall

"So you think, 'Might as well'" Lex says.

Margo finishes, "Dance a tango to hell."


At least I'll have tangoed at all

The Tango Demmie

Gotta dance till your diva is through

You pretend to believe her

Cause in the end you can't leave her

But the end it will come

Still you have to play dumb

Till you're glum and you bum

And turn blue

Margo grins. "Like she is!"

"Why do we love when she's mean?" he asks dramatically.

Margo sighs, rolling her eyes, thinking about Demona. "And she can be so obscene."

Lex hold the mike out to her. "Try the mike!"

Margo speaks into the mike."My Demmie ( me, me, me...)"

Lex grins. "Patched!"

She sighs, nodding. "Thanks." She says, gratefully.

"You know I feel great now!" He smiles, realizing he's better off without Demona.

Margo, sighs, stuck and in love with her. "I feel lousy." The pay phone rings. Lex hands it to Margo. "Honey, we're... Pookie?! You never call me Pookie... Forget it, we're patched."She hangs up, looks at Lex.


The Tango Demmiee

Angela and Broadway attend an AIDS Life Support group. Hudson, the

support leader, sits on the downstage railing above. Jason, one of

the members of the group, is standing downstage left, facing the

audience. As the members enter, they introduce themselves and form a













Hi, I'm Angela


Broadway. I'm Broadway


I'm Hudson. Let's begin


There's only us

There's only this..

Lex blusters in noisily.


Sorry ... Excuse me ... oops


And ye are?


Oh - I'm not

I'm just here to

I don't have

I'm here with

Um - Lex

Lex - I'm Lex

Well - this is quite an operation


Sit down Lad

We'll continue the affirmation


Forget regret or life is yours to miss


Excuse me Hudson - I'm having a problem with this

This credo - My T-cells are low

I regret that news, okay?



But Jason - How do you feel today?


What do you mean?


How do you feel today?




Is that all, Lad?


Best I've felt all year


Then why choose fear?


I'm an Ex-Hunter.

Fear's my life

Look - I find some of what you teach suspect

Because I'm used to relying on intellect

But I try to open up to what I don't know

JASON & BROOKLYN (who sings from his loft)

Because reason says I should have died

Three years ago


No other road

No other way

No day but today

Sata's apartment, she dresses up, getting ready to go out. She sings to herself, dancing wildly out of hte apartment and up the stairs, towards Lex and Brooklyn's loft.


What's the time?

Well it's gotta be close to midnight

My body's talking to me

It says, Time for danger

It says I wanna commit a crime

Wanna be the cause of a fight

Wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt

With a stranger

I've had a knack from way back

At breaking the rules once I learn the games

Get up - life's too quick

I know someplace sick

Where this chick'll dance in the flames

She runs her hands down her sides, the mimes the gesture for cash with her hands.

We don't need any money

I always get in for free

You can get in too

If you get in with me

Let's go out tonight

I have to go out tonight

You wanna play?

Let's run away

We won't be back before it's Christmas day

Take me out tonight (meow)

She laughs.

When I get a wink from the doorman

Do you know how lucky you'll be?

That you're on line with the feline of Avenue B

Let's go out tonight

I have to go out tonight

You wanna prowl

Be my night owl?

Well take my hand we're gonna howl

Out tonight

A little introspective, she continues singing.. in a softer, sader tone.

In the evening I've got to roam

Can't sleep in the city of neon and chrome

Feels too damn much like home

When the Asian hatchlings cry

She recollects her thoughts, then says determinely

So let's find a bar

So dark we forget who we are

And all the scars from the

Nevers and maybes die

Let's go out tonight

Have to go out tonight

thinking of Brooklyn

You're sweet

Wanna hit the street?

Wanna wail at the moon like a cat in heat?

Just take me out tonight

Sata makes her way to Brooklyn's door and ends the song in front of


Please take me out tonight

Don't forsake me - out tonight

I'll let you make me - out tonight

Tonight - tonight - tonight

The loft - Sata plants a huge kiss on Brooklyn, who recoils."Who do you think you are?

Barging in on me and my guitar. Little girl, hey!The door is that way!You better go you knowthe fire's out anyway.Take your powder take your candle, your sweet whisper I just can't handle.Well take your hair in the moonlight. Your almond eyes goodbye, goodnight!" A bit sadly he says."I should tell you I should tell you I should tell you I should- " He says suddenly angry," no!


Another time another place

Our temperature would climb

There'd be a long embrace

We'd do another dance

It'd be another play

Looking for romance?

Come back another day

Another day

Sata, touching his arm, sadness and love plainly visible in her eyes. "The heart may freeze or it can burn. " She speaks meanigfully to him. "The pain will ease if I can learn...There is no future.There is no past." Passionately, she cries out. "I live this moment as my last!"


There's only us

There's only this

Forget regret

Or life is yours to miss

No other road

No other way

No day but today

Brooklyn raises an eyeridge at her. "Excuse me if I'm off track... but if you're so wise then tell me why do you need smack? Take your needle-Take your fancy prayer.And don't forget get the moonlight out of your hair! " He stares at her, saying with bittersweet emotion. "Long ago you might've lit up my heart-But the fire's dead ain't never ever gonna start."


Another time another place

The words would only rhyme

We'd be in outer space

It'd be another song

We'd sing another way

You wanna prove me wrong?

Come back another day

Another day

Sata, miserably. "There's only yes; Only tonight.We must let go to know what's right."


No other course

No other way

No day but today

Lights slowly fade up on the Life Support group.

SATA & OTHERS                                             BROOKLYN (echoes their singing)

I can't control                                                      Control your temper

My destiny                                                          She doesn't see

I trust my soul                                                     Who says that there's a soul?

My only goal is just

To be                                                                  Just let me be

There's only now                                                Who do you think you are?

There's only here                                                Barging in on me and my guitar

Give in to love

Or live in fear                                                     Little girl, hey

No other path                                                    The door is that way

No other way                                                    The fire's out anyway

No day but today                                              Take your powder, Take your candle

No day but today                                              Take your black eyes, your pretty smile, your


No day but today                                              Another time, another place

No day but today                                              Another rhyme, a warm embrace

No day but today                                               Another dance, another way

No day but today                                               Another chance, another day

No day but today

Sata and the Life Support group members exit. One person, Goliath remains. Slowly his concerned are voiced be the rest of the Company. They sing in round robin style.


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare?


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare?


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare?


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare?


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare?

Brooklyn puts on his leather jacket and finally exists the loft.

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