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Relena Peacecraft Bio

(Ree - lee - nah Pee - se - coorahft )the only willing heir to the Peacecraft name and the Thank Kingdom. In the Thank (also translated Sannk) Kingdom, peace reigns and war is avoided while peace talks prevail. At 15 she is the future of the earth and the colonies. She is an important diplomat and though she has an annoying tendency to ask Heero to come and kill her, she is very intellegent. I guess love can make a person stupid. Relena started in the series as Relena Dorian. She's your usual spoiled rich kid. She goes to school wearing expensive threads in a pink limo, and surrounded by followers. She gets a little sad when her Dad leaves her for work on her birthday. But her life changeswhen she meets a certain Heero Yuy. She seems to have fallen pretty hard for the guy. She follows him around. A while later, she accompanies her Father to a space colony for a meeting. Her father got murdered by OZ, causing Relena to get really angry. She learns then that she is not really from the Dorian family, but she is one of the survivors of the Peacecraft family, whose main goal is to yearn for peace. To be short about it, Relena takes her job as a Peacecraft, encouraging others to drop their weapons so peace can be achieved. She is really bull-headed when it comes to peace, that she won't even fight the Federation army when they attacked the Sank Kingdom, causing lots of lives and the almost-destruction of her kingdom. Anyway, sometime in the series, Relena accepts the Federation's invitation to be the Queen of the World, since she is a symbol of peace. Of course, she is not really there to rule the world, but she found that in accepting the Federation's offer, she can spread peace throughout the world. But when she was given the chance to really lead, Treize probably saw that Relena couldn't handle it, considering her really bull-headed opinions on peace, so he decided to have Relena removed from her position. With nowhere to go, Relena decides to follow her brother, (Zechs) to space when she found out that he became the leader of the White Fang. Apalled by her brother's interest in starting a war, she approached him in space and tried to make him change his mind from creating what she believed would be utter disaster, which is war. She tried to make him remember that he is a Peacecraft, and he would be bringing the family shame by starting war. Of course, she didn't make him change his mind, so that leaves the job to the Gundam pilots. The war was stopped by Heero Yuy.In the end, Relena became an ambassador, promoting peace.