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Lucrezia Nion Bio

(Noe - een). Noin graduated second in her class at age 19, in OZ combat school. She was second only to Zechs. She also begins the story as a member of OZ, in the training grounds of Victoria. She is an excellent teacher and a great fighter. She is also in love with Zechs. Lucrezia Noin is the Captain of OZ and in the series, she trains wanna-be soldiers for OZ at Victoria Base. She hates war, but fights to uphold peace, usualy with Zechs by her side. At the start of the series, Noin works for the OZ with Zechs. But soon later she realizes that she is on the wrong track, fighting alongside OZ. She strays from OZ for awhile, with Zechs by her side. She stays with Zechs through his battle in Siberia. Later on, Zechs sends her off to take care of Relena, his younger sister. Noin was reluctant at first, since she refuses to be separated from Zechs, but agreed anyway. Noin works as a guardian for Relena, who has her own kingdom, the Sank Kingdom. When the Sank Kingdom becomes the main target of the Federation, Noin decides to protect the Kingdom and asks permission from Relena to build weapons. Relena declines, saying that the Sank Kingdom is a place of peace and they will not fight the Federation. Noin, of course, knowing of her promise to Zechs to take care of Relena, builds some Tauruses in a secret underground base. She also tries to locate all the Gundam Wing pilots to help her fight for peace. After Noin has collected all the Gundam Wing pilots with the help of Sally Po, she finds herself again stuck in another snag. Apparently, Zechs has declared himself leader of the White Fang, a rebel faction of the colonies. Noin was a little distraught, since she felt she knew Zechs for quite a long time and couldn't understand why he would make a move away from peace. Realizing that she would have to fight Zechs sooner or later, she tries to talk him out of starting war, but to no avail. The bull-headed Peacecraft seems to be stubborn on this one. In Endless Waltz, Noin is working with Sally Po under the leadership of Lady Une, at the Preventers. She is still stuck with her principles against war, and also, she seems to be looking for Zechs in the movie. She finds him again when he pilots Tallgeese in an attempt to stop Dekim Barton from bombing MO III. They rejoined again and fought together until the war ended. Later on, Zechs joins the Preventers and he and Noin goes off to space together.