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Lady Une Bio

Lady Une, also know as, Lady Anne, is Treiz's right hand woman. She starts the story as an extreme soldier, almost as perfect as Heero. She is 19 years old and cares nothing for people. She would do just about anything to win. We see her become more human when she takes a position as an emissary later on. She seems to almost have split personalities. The poor lady is in love with Lt. Treiz and believes the he prefers the soldier to the emissary. She rather likes being the emissary though. Lady Une is the Colonel of OZ. She's more like feared than respected by her subordinates. Maybe it has something to do with her dual-personality disorder. In the series, Lady Une has two personalities: a sweet, gentle, kind and peace-loving woman, and a harsh, merciless Colonel of OZ. Anyway, it seems like Lady Une is devoted to Treize. Not devoted like Noin is to Zechs, but in a way that she's willing to serve him until death. This is one of the reasons why she seems to misunderstand Treize's SUBTLE advances. Her thoughts on war was distorted, in a way that she believes the spirit of war can only be felt when you win, so she does everything in her power to win. An example is when she blackmailed the Gundam pilots by aiming missiles to their respective colonies. I found that really dirty and really low, which Noin, Zechs and Treize himself pointed out to her afterward. But she seems to mature a little at the middle of the series. She seems to have merged her two personalities in a way that its not destructive. She totally understood Treize's philosophy, and has learned to live it.