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Trowa Barton Bio

Created in the space colonies of Lagrange point 3 to battle the secret society OZ, the Gundam Heavyarms is designed for long-range combat. Heavily armored and packed with weaponry from head to foot, this one mobile suit has the firepower to destroy 3 to 5 battleships, yet it's designed to waste as little of its limited ammunition as possible. Its pilot, Trowa Barton, disguises himself as a member of a circus groupe. As a first-rate circus performer, Trowa's perfect balance and unerring aim prove equally valuable in his role as a Gundam pilot. Pilot Trowa Barton

Trowa's Gundam Weapons and Accesories!

Beam Gatling: The Gundam Heavyarms's main weapon is able to turn the thickest enemy armor into Swiss cheese. It's integrated into the Gundam's shield to create a device with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Maximum Firepower: The homing missiles, shoulder machine cannons, chest gatlings, handheld beam gatling, and leg-mounted micromissiles can all be fired simultaneously to utter vaporize the enemy.

Homing Missile: Once these devastating missiles lock onto an enemy, its destruction is assured. The Gundam Heavyarms has three such missiles in each shoulder.

    Name: Trowa Barton Age: unknown, but about 16 or so
  • Gender: Male Height:160 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Nationality: unknown!?
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Family: unknown?!... or so we thought until ENDLESS WALTZ came around....
  • Home: L 3 Colony
  • Occupation: works as a clown in the circus
  • Mobile Suit (MS): Gundam Heavyarms
  • Quotable quotes: "When ever I fight, I lock myself away from any human emotions.", ".......................... yes...................", "We cannot fight on our own.", "I know of the dangers, I'm used to walking a tightrope.", "When you fight, you must not be afraid of death.", and "How tragic...a woman who cannot cry."

(Trahw - uh Bahr - tuhn) Trowa is not a people person. He sticks to himself and seldom speaks. He works as a clown in the circus when he isn't fighting a war. He is very talented gymnastically, can walk a tightrope and do flips. In the later episodes, an incident with wing zero leaves him without memory and very scared. A definite change of character for him. Apparently he is not the origional Trowa Barton and only took the place of the real man when the real Trowa Barton met an untimely death. He seems much more suited for the role of a gundam pilot than the other, however. Trowa pilots Gundam Heavyarms. Heavyarms is just that, armed with multiple machine guns and cannons and even a large knife. It dosn't have to be near it's opponent to destroy it. Trowa and heavyarms make quite a team. Trowa also has an expertise at playing the flute and has been known to join Quatre in a duet with the violin. As you can see in his stats above, Trowa's past is a mystery. And the fact that he's silent aloof and practically emotionless doesn't help much in uncovering the mystery behind him.

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