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Quatre Raberba Winner Bio

The Gundam Sandrock was created by the illustrious Winner family of Lagrange point 4, who sent it to Earth to battle the secret society OZ. Its specialty is hand to hand combat, particularly in deserts and other arid regions. The Gundam Sandrock's high armored and power abilities, and its magnificent exterior, give it the image of a humanoid tank. Its pilot, Quatre Raberba Winner, is a scion of the noble Winner family. This slightly-built young "prince of the desert" pilots his powerful mobile suit with prodigious skill. Pilot Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre's Gundam Weapons and Accesories!

Heat Shorters: These heat-radiating curved blades are the Gundam Sandrock's main weapons, and with them this mighty mobile suit can cut an enemy in half with each hand simultaneously.

Cross Crusher: This arm-mounted crushing weapon is formed by combining the Gundam Sandrock's shield, backpack, and heat shorters.

Homing Missiles: equipped on shoulders. These powerful two missiles can reliably seek and destroy the enemy under any conditions. They're the only long-range weapons in the Gundam Sandrock's standard arsenal.

  • Name: Quatre Raberba Winner Age: 15
  • Gender: Male Height:155 cm
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Nationality: Arabic!?
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Family: a father and his 29 sisters
  • Home: L 4 Colony
  • Occupation: He is the heir to the Winner Family assets, so do you think he needs to work at all?
  • Mobile Suit (MS): Gundam Sandrock
  • Quotable quotes: "I'm sorry, but I have to kill you...", "Forgive me Trowa.... Forgive me......", "No one understands the tears of the sensitive people.", "War brings sorrow. To protect our loved ones from sorrow, we must fight.", "You cannot deny your gentle nature, it is a quality that makes us human. If we do, we will be nothing better than animals.", and "We shouldn't fight each other!"

(Ka - ter - rah Rah - bear - bah Wee - nair) Quatre is the tender hearted, blond Arabian pilot of Gundam Sandrock. He keeps the other pilots from going absolutely insane, in my opinion. (Remembers Trowa's little problem.) Well for the most part. Quatera is as always, a wonderful gundam pilot. He also has a unique ability to gain friends almost anywhere.I guess it comes from having 29 sisters. Now I wonder how the poor kid survived in the family, especially after being the youngest. Quatre seems perfect; he's the heir of the Winner Family (the richest in their colony) assets, a great military strategist, has 40 Maganacs who follow and obey all his orders, all around nice guy, has artistic and musical skills, and damned good looking. He seems to be chiseled physically from an angel, a beautiful angel too. His platinum gold locks seem to cascade on his head like a halo and his baby-blues show off his innocence. So that makes Quatre innocent? Right. Well, not really. Quatre grew up from a pacifistic family who want nothing but peace. So when Quatre, the only heir of the Winner household decided to pilot a Gundam (which everyone knows is a weapon of war), Father Winner got angry and blatantly refused to let Quatre go. But Quatre left anyway, with only a note that says "War brings sorrow. To protect our loved ones from sorrow, we must fight." to inform them of his whereabouts. Since then, Quatre has been a part of Operation Meteor, and all the other missions Gundams were assigned to. So is Quatre an innocent? Well, he does try to tell the enemies to surrender first, but if they don't, he chops them up with Sandrock's scimitars anyway. I guess that covers that. But through all those killings he's done Quatre still remains peace-loving, gentle, nice and still hopeful for the war to end. But we all know that niceness is a repression. When Quatre's father got killed by the OZ, Quatre goes insane. I guess what they say about nice people is true; they never get angry, but when they do, watch out! He creates a new Gundam, the destructive Wing Zero with its Zero System and wreaks havoc in space, destroying all the colonies that stand on his way. Obviously Quatre couldn't handle some of the bitter realities of war; that people get killed and acceptance of those deaths and continuing to strive and fight for peace is the only way to survival. This is of course taught to him by Trowa, when he commited suicide through plunging into Wing Zero's firing line in Episode 23. Trowa dies, and Quatre gets pulled back to the brink of sanity. Putting his father's death behind him, Quatre goes back to his colony to manage the Winner family business as his father's heir. But even through that, Quatre remains unsettled, he believes Trowa is dead and it is all his fault. Unable to bear the guilt any longer, he looks for him and finds a rather amnesiac Trowa in the circus. After a few exchanges with Catherine, he manages to convince Trowa to join him and help them fight for peace. In episode blah-blah, Quatre meets the Zero System again when Heero installed it in Sandrock, instructing him to lead the Gundams into battle. After remisniscing the destruction he created the last time he used the system, Quatre is unsure that he can hande it. But Heero has faith (well, he didn't really show it) on Quatre's ability as a military strategist and forces him to use the system anyway. In the end, Quatre was able to manage the Zero System, using it to enhance his vast skills in military tactics to lead the rest of the Gundams to victory.

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