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Chang Wufei Bio

Created in the space colonies of Lagrange point 5, the Shenlong Gundam was sent to Earth to battle the secret society known as OZ. The extendable "dragon fang" in its right arm, and the beam glaive carried on its back, give it a long reach and an incredibly high fighting ability. Pilot Chang Wufei, with his superb combat skills, is able to fully exploit the Shenlong Gundam's potential.

Pilot: Chang Wufei

Changs's Gundam Weapons and Accessories!

Beam Glaive: This javelin-style weapon is usually stored on the Shenlong Gundam's back. When it's activated, an energy blade forms at its tip.

Dragon Fang: This short-range weapon can be extended to destroy an enemy in the blink of an eye. In its retracted state, the dragon's face is folded over the Shenlong Gundam's forearm.

Flamethrower: These short-to-medium range weapons fire from the nozzles in the dragon fang's face. They can be used as part of the deadly "dragon fang fire" attack, in which the Shenlong Gundam seizes its target with the dragon fang's claws and then fires a burst from the flamethrowers, melting the enemy's armor like water.

  • Name: Chang Wufei Age: 15
  • Gender: Male Height:156 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Hair color: Black
  • Family: none mentioned, but he does have a martial arts master, Ron Shirin.
  • Home: L 5 Colony
  • Occupation: none; he just fights all the time
  • Mobile Suit (MS):Shenlong Gundam; Gundam Altron
  • Quotable quotes: "I'll do justice.", "A warrior will only rediscover himself on the battlefield.", "You thought I was a kid and you underestimated me", "Those who are right have to be strong!", "When the enemy is weak, it feels empty after the fight.", and "I determine my own justice!"

(Chahng Woo - Fee) Wufei is the wanderer in the Gundam pilots. He seems to be the least appreciated by viewers due to his intense desire for justice. Wufei is a bit confused, and trying to discover exactly what to fight for during the whole of the T.V. series. He seems to be the most confident in his battles. Contrary to the chance you may get from the psychologically ill Heero when he gets one of those Freeze up moments, Wufei fights clearly and confidently with a really cool Gundam called Shenlong. Wufie is not only an excellent fighter in his gundam. He can also fight with swords and does quite well with firearms. One thing to be aware of however, is his code of ethics when he fights. Wufie refuses to fight anyone he considers weak. This categorie includes women. Having knowledge over Episode Zero helps open our eyes to Wufei's true personality, or what his personality used to be, at least. In Episode Zero, Wufei is described to be an apathetic nerd, since he doesn't really give a damn about Meiran's (his wife) odd thirst for justice. Meiran sees herself as the strongest in the clan and calls herself Nataku .Wufei just snorts at her attempts in transcending gender barriers. Meiran responds and calls him weak, which of course, Wufei decided to disprove by challenging her to a fight. Meiran loses, and Wufei tells her that there is no such thing as justice. After that, some bald guy named Professor S, who was watching the whole scene, calmly informed Wufei that he didn't really win the fight. Wufei snapped back, saying he did win. But Professor S responded, "No, you were unable to change Meiran's thinking. All you did was force your own conclusions on her. " Wufei snorts again, saying that he can't change history|". With that, he gave the Gundam Professor S was making a name, Shenlong, adding that he didn't think Nataku would be an appropriate name for it, seeing that he was able to defeat "Nataku" easily. However, Meiran seems to be obsessed with justice, thats why she pilots an MS to protect her colony (the L5) when OZ attacks it. Anyway, Merian dies, and Wufei is shaken by her death and sort of adopts her principles and her obsession on justice. Its his own way of making up for the fact that he never put up with her talk on justice, and never listened to her ambitions and beliefs. I think when Wufei saw Meiran die, he sort of blamed himself for her death, since after all, he is the MAN here and should be the one to protect her. Wufei totally envelopes Meiran's obsession with justice, ranting on and on about it during the whole series. But even though the war ended, he still seems to be confused over the true meaning of justice. It seems that he doesn't feel settled even though their is peace between the colonies and the earth. So in Endless Waltz, Wufei joined Marameia's army, searching for the true meaning of justice. Wufei probably though that in order to understand the meaning of justice he would have to become evil It's like, doing the wrong to understand what is right. Wufei seems to be too blinded by Meiran's beliefs and principles. He did a total U-turn when Meiran died in his arms; he totally forgot his own beliefs and concentrated on Meiran's.

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