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Duo Maxwell Bio

Earth by the space colonies of Lagrange point 2 to battle the secret society OZ, this black, scythe-toting mobile suit deserves its grim nickname. Thanks to the hyper jammers attached to its backpack, the Gundam Deathscythe can approach enemies without being detected by cameras or radar; the target won't see the Gundam until the moment when it's struck down by the lethal beam scythe. Able to dash rapidly towards its foe, the Gundam Deathscythe has the highest speed ability of the five Gundams. Its pilot, Duo Maxwell, has a cheerful, sunny disposition but is nonetheless a most capable warrior. Pilot Duo Maxwell

Duo's Gundam Weapons and Accesories!

Buster Shield: In addition to its defensive capabilities, the buster shield can also be used as a close-range combat weapon. First the shield's sharp blades pierce the enemy's armor, then a beam emitted from its center finishes him off. The shield itself can even be launched towards its target.

Beam Scythe: Normally stored in retracted form on the Gundam Deathscythe's rear skirt, this weapon can cut an enemy in two with a single stroke. Not only is the beam itself able to cleave through any armor, but the heat and powerful magnetic fields it produces begin to disintegrate the target even as the blade approaches.

Hyper Jammers: The nozzles protruding from the backpack scatter jamming particles which scramble the enemy's radar and cameras.

  • Name: Duo Maxwell Age: 15
  • Gender: Male Height:156 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair color: Medium brown
  • Family: none; raised as an orphan
  • Home: L 2 Colony
  • Occupation: mechanic and salvage operations, also worked in field crops
  • Mobile Suit (MS): Gundam Deathscythe; Gundam Deathscythe HELL
  • Quotable quotes: "After all these killings today, I think I should hold a party!", "Who ever sees me is going to hell!", "I am Shinigami!", "Those who've seen me are gonna die!", and "Who ever sees me is going to meet his maker"

(Dew - oh Maax - well) Duo is the happy go lucky American pilot of Gundam Deathscythe/Shinigami. He is hard to bring down and very determined. Duo tends to joke around alot but becomes very serious when it is necessary. Duo refers to himself as death, and in this way copes with killing so many people. Duo is a good gundam pilot, his gundam can not only fight on land and in space but also underwater. Don't ask me how that scythe works there because I don't know. Duo seems to know exactly what he is fighting for and does so with no remorse. Although he does get a bit irritated when he can't self destruct his gundam. Plus Duo has a nifty little helicopter thing that he uses in place of a parachute when jumping from high places. Duo seems to be the only source of humor in the whole Gundam Wing series. Quatre's too boring, Trowa's too quiet, Heero's too busy killing himself, and Wufei...whatever. Always smiling, always joking around, you would think that Duo came from a pretty swell background. So its a major contradiction to his sunny personality to call himself "Shinigami" (God of Death), right? Apparently, Duo came from a pretty turbulent past. I didn't know how he ended up in the L2 colony in the first place but its a fact that he wasn't born there. Duo isn't even his real name, he just came up with it. Anyway, in Episode Zero, we see Duo's past more clearly and learn while he's wearing priest clothes. Duo was a war orphan and he always steals from people. When he and some kids decided to break in and steal from an army warehouse, they almost got killed. But the priest at the Maxwell (sounds familiar?) Church decided to take them in. note: It is also in Episode Zero where we learn how Duo kept his hair long. Happy that he has finally found a home, Duo lives in the Maxwell Church until the colony gets attacked and the enemies reach the Church. A desperate Duo pleads with them that he'll steal a mobile suit for them. After enduring a long trip to grab a mobile suit and getting pelted with bullets, Duo returns to the Church but to his dismay, he finds the nun (Sister Helen) and all in Maxwell Church dead. He runs away and meets up with Professor G, who called him " a little demon". "I'm not a demon, I'm Shinigami!", Duo replied earnestly. Thus the name God of Death. I honestly don't know why Duo gave himself the name "Duo". For a weird name, it seems to suit his contradicting personality: The God of Death who can smile and crack a joke without breaking a sweat. In the series, poor Duo seems to always get the hell beat out of him. He got captured by OZ and got a whack at the head. He got beat up by Doctor S. He had the honor of seeing his beloved "partner" Gundam Deathscythe get blown up by Trowa. Then he AGAIN gets captured by OZ.

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