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Heero Yuy Bio

The Wing Gundam was created by a resistance group within the space colonies of Lagrange point 1. The resistance fighters dispatch it to Earth to attack their hated foe, the secret society known as OZ. As its name suggests, this advanced mobile suit has a pair of wings, and can transform into a unique "bird mode." In bird mode, the Wing Gundam not only outclasses contemporary fighter planes, but can also be used as a space shuttle thanks to its atmospheric re-entry capabilities. Its pilot, Heero Yuy, has been trained since childhood to operate this mobile suit. As a result, this mysterious youth has abilities beyond those of even OZ's skilled pilots. Pilot Heero Yuy

Heero's Gundam Weapons and Accesories!

Buster Rifle: The Wing Gundams's high-output beam rifle has the destructive power of a battleship's cannon. When the energy stored in the rifle's energy packs is released, it forms a beam up to 300 meters wide, capable of destroying a battleship with one blast. However, the rifle only has enough stored energy for three shots, or it will over heat.

Bird Mode: A flight mode for movement and combat in Earth's atmosphere. The buster rifle can be fired in this mode, as well as in mobile suit mode.

Beam Saber: These close combat weapons are normally stored inside the Wing Gundam's shield. They can cut OZ's mass-produced mobile suit, the Leo, clean in half.

  • Name: Heero Yuy Age: 15
  • Gender: Male Height:156 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Hair color: Moss green
  • Family: none; only a mentor and coach, Dr J
  • Home: L 1 Colony
  • Occupation: none; the odd job now and then
  • Mobile Suit (MS):Wing Gundam; Wing Gundam Zero
  • Quotable quotes: "Mission accomplished..... finally...." and "I will kill you...."

(Hee - roe you - ee) Heero, 15 like the rest of the pilots, is the main focus of Gundam Wing, he has internal as well as external conflicts. He is cold and calculating, the perfect soldier. Heero has to deal, not only with a war and discovering what he is truly fighting for, but also a girl who won't leave him alone. He grows to understand himself and his ideals, and even seems to accept Relena.

Heero is an excellent Gundam pilot, piloting Gundam Wing, he can also pilot Wing Zero and not go insane. Heero has amazing physical abilities also, he is extrememly resiliant and he can set his own bones, besides being able to control his heart rate and blood pressure.

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