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Welcome to My Second About Mee Page!

Me huggin my friend Trisha

I just got this picture from my friend Trisha. She is my baby, just kiddin. She is one of my good friends I've known since Jr. High. If you see this Trisha. SUP!

Bula Michigan Style

This is me running the ball last year. It was pretty sweet what we did to our helmets that year. We didn't do that very well that year because of some inside problems in the program, but we stepped up this year to show that we weren't push overs.

Mug Shot Picture of The Rider

This is me in a mug shot. I got arrested because of indecent exposure, Just kiddin. I got this picture for getting player of the week again. Go figure, its kind of funny how I always puck in my lips when I take a picture for the newspaper. I don't know why I do it but I'am gonna quit that habit.