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Welcome to My About me Page

If you wait long enough you will hear the theme music of Knight Rider

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These are some pictures of me concerning football. I don't have much right now, but I'll have a lot later, so hold on.

Picture of me after our first game won against Edgewood Warriors

This game was a total meltdown for the other team. They didn't know how to contain me. I ended up with 29 carries, 213 rushing yards, and 2 touchdowns. I got player of the week from this game.

The Cheerleader Picture

This picture was taken back when I was a junior. It was a powderpuff game for girls who wanted to play football. And look who had to be a cheerleader for their game. I'am on top of my friends Mike Luce and Tim Lyons.

Victory over Harbor Mariners

This picture was taken after we won against our arch rivals the Harbor Mariners. I was going off in this game with a total of 4 touchdowns. The game ending score was 42-6 because we take no prisoners.

City Series Patch

This patch goes on our lettermans jacket but I don't like lettermans jackets so I just keep it for memories.

Nec Patch

This patch goes on a letterman jacket too, oh well, LoL. I got this patch for 1st Team All-Conference. Its a sweet ass patch but I could do better in College.


I got this award for 1st Team All-Conference, it came along with the patch. I guess you can say its a combo deal.

Little Krider

Go through some old pictures and look what you find. This is me when I was in midget football. This was the first time anybody has taken a picture of me playing football.

A Full length Picture of Me

This is me at my sisters house in California. I'am bigger now because this picture was taken two years ago but I look about the same.

A Picture of me and my Sister

This is another picture of me at my sisters house and she is in the picture too.

Trophy with my face on it

This is a trophy of my picture on it. Yes it does look like the same pictures up above, LOL. Since I got it from the same newspaper company, the same picture is on the trophy too.

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