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Fashion Boy is Cool: Summary

Kotobuki is a 14 year old 8th grader who like most girls her age enjoys shopping,fashion, and talking about guys. However, the number one guy on her mind is a young fashion designer who happens to be the owner of her favorite clothing store(Galopine et Galopin). She often stops by just to catch a glance of him. One day as she sat at a coffee table outside the the shop, she is approached by the store owner,Hodaka, and his friend David and another assistant. David is the first to hit on Kotobuki and asked her out. However, Hodaka tells him to leave her a lone because she’s just a kid. Kotobuki indignantly refutes this label and claims to be a college sophomore (so about 20 yrs). This amaze both Hodaka and his friend considering she doesn’t look a day over 15! Anyways, Kotobuki states that her preference lies with Hodaka. David thinks it would be an interesting match so declares Kotobuki Hodaka’s girlfriend. Hodaka ,of course, isn’t amused and heads back to the store. David escuses himself and follows him. However, Kotobuki isn’t about to be left behind and begs to tag along. At the store Kotobuki finally realized that the guy she has a crush on is not only goodlooking but also quite talented(e.g. he speaks fluent French, models,owns his own store,designs one of a kind clothing etc .) She’s determine to get to know him and gets David and a reluctant Hodaka to agree for her to return as often as she likes.

True to her word Kotobuki visits the store almost everyday after school. She is happy to spend her time in Hodaka’s presence though he seems distant and uninterested in her. For the most part she is happy to help around the store and talk to customers. However, she is particularly sensitive to the attention female customers lavish upon Hodaka…After some thinking over she musters the courage to ask Hodaka out on a date. She asks him to meet her in the park for an early morning date. Hodaka is a little reluctant at first(he hates waking up early in the morning) but soon gives in after a little push on the the part of Kotobuki.

The date seems to go well (Hodaka appreciates Kotobuki’s homemade lunch and actually seems to loosen up a bit) However, after accidently knocking over Kotobuki’s backpack he finds her student id. It clearly states that she is 14 years old. Hodaka is a little shock and quite angry because he doesn’t like to be lied to. Kotobuki tries to apologize and explain herself,however, he won’t hear it and leaves.

After a brief period of separation Hodaka realize that he might have been too harsh on Kotobuki and that he missed her. Kotobuki has been quite miserable the whole while; her friends at school notice this and out of concern for her decide to talk to Hodaka.

Soon after their visit Hodaka decides to meet Kotobuki at her school. He airs out his feelings and gives her a present he made himself ( a special design for her) He than kissed her.

On her next visit to the store Kotobuki is introduced to Kazuomi a new part-time employee at Galopine et Galopin. Kazuomi is quite the opposite of Hodaka. He’s a lot more out-going and and quite frank with his words and feelings. Kotobuki finds herself spending much more time with Kazuomi and less time with Hodaka who is constantly absorb with his fashion creations. She is quite unhappy with the way their relationship is going . Kazuomi senses this and also finds himself falling in love with her. However, he knows that Kotobuki adores Hodaka (she’s always thinking and talking about him!).

Anyways, apparently Hodaka has been using his work as an escuse to avoid getting too attached to Kotobuki… he cares for her but has an age complex (he’s 26 years old). Kazuomi closeness to Kotobuki doesn’t make things any easier either. The two of them are closer in age and that worries him a little. Anyways, Kazuomi finally confessed his feelings to Kotobuki and asked her to choose him. He feels he can make her much happier than Hodaka who’s constantly ignoring her. He attempts to kiss her but Kotobuki refused. Kotobuki is shocked and upset that Kazuomi,who she considers a friend, would act this way towards her . She admits that at times she feels lonely and misses Hodaka but she can’t help the way she feels about him. He’s her first love and despite his aloofness is really a nice and caring person. Kazoumi realized that he has no chance with her and decided to help bring the two together…

Hodaka receives a call from Kazoumi who tells him that if Kotobuki means anything to him then he should meet him that evening . Hodaka at this point is worried and rushes to the meeting place. Kazuomi is there with Kotobuki close by his side. Kazoumi tells him that he plans on taking Kotobuki away from him since he doesn’t appreciate her. This gets Hodaka mad and he grabs Kazuomi by the collar and begin to choke him. Kotobuki is rushes to Kazuomi’s aide and begs Hodaka to let him go. He releases Kazuomi…and finally confessed why he had been holding back from her; he also admits he's jealous of her closeness with Kazuomi and that he loves her.

In the mean while Kazuomi slips away leaving the two to spend the rest of the evening together. A few days later Kotobuki learns that Kazuomi is leaving the country and is on his way to the airport. Hodaka asks her to come with him to the airport to hand deliver a farewell gift. On the way to the airport Hodaka tells a surprised Kotobuki that Kazuomi is his half brother …he knew it from the moment he first employed him.

Anyways they reach the airport and manage to give Kazuomi the present and see him off…

The next part of the story introduces some new characters with side stories which I just can’t follow (too bad cuz it looks interesting and I like the characters design). However, the manga still focus mainly on Hodaka and Kotobuki relationship…2 years go by because Kotobuki is now 16. She and Hodaka are engaged. Of course, this does not please her father who thinks she is too young and I guess is worried about the age difference b/w the two of them. However, after a lot of pleas from Kotobuki and a candid talk with Hodaka he agrees to the engagement. A year later the two are married (Oh yeah David, Hodaka friend, gets married in the same volume). They have a lovely honeymoon in Paris. She still can’t believe that her dreams had finally come true but she’s quite happy. She also made quite a few friends among Hodaka circle of famous friends (she becomes best friends with an upcoming teen singer Kaira). Anyways, one day after attending one of Kaira’s concerts, she faints from exhaustion. Later on she finds out that’s she pregnant

click here for larger image    After the initial shock from the doctor’s visit she tells Hodaka who seems quite happy about the prospect of becoming a father. Infact, in later volumes we see that fatherhood comes quite naturally to Hodaka . Kotobuki being still quite young struggles with the challenges of motherhood. She adores her son (who looks like a miniature kotobuki) but at times acts like a kid herself…Anyways, the remaining 3 volumes follow the adventures of her precarious and adorable 3 year old son.

The last manga deals with the kidnapping of her son by two women (I’m not sure why they did it but it wasn’t for money)One thing is apparent: one of them is Hodaka's client and has an interest in Hodaka. He rejected her unwanted advances so I'm guessing jealousy may be a partial motive. However, in the end it turns out well. The two kidnappers regret their actions and return the child back to his despairing parents.

The final scene is set about 10 years later at a family and friends reunion. Hyuga is a teenager (oh he looks like a younger version of Hodaka) Kazuomi and David are present with their wives. Also there is a new addition to Kotobuki’s family (she has triplets ).

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