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              This is the first movie edition of the Evangelion series. It consist of two parts, "EVANGELION:DEATH" and "EVANGELION:REBIRTH".

The Death is a composed of a digest of the first 24 episodes of the TV series and it is made to be concert like, and Rebirth answers to the various mysteries that was imposed in TV series such as "Why did Second Impact happen?" "What in fact are the Angels?" and "Will Asuka recover from her cataonia?" It has also the most bloody and violent scene throughout the series.

In conclusion, the "EVANGELION:REBIRTH" contains basically all the new animation which are not repeated in the series. However it also failed to solve some of the mystries in the TV series too. As the movie come to the end, the peak climate of the story arrives but it ended leaving you craving for more in the next movie edition.

The "THE END OF THE EVANGELION" is the second movie edition after the "EVANGELION:DEATH & REBIRTH".

It is actually the replacement of the twenty fifth and twenty sixth episode of the TV series. It has all the answers to the mysteries that have left many viewers in doubt in the previous TV series and movie edition. It is also split into two parts such as "Air" and "My purest heart for you". In this movie edition the third impact on the Earth finally happened and we can see that what is it like and the consequences

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