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This section explains Everything in Eva, from where all the Eva's extra cords pop out of to the Human Instrumentality Project.


Computer code to indicate that a data can't be analyze.


A temporary computer program protector devised by Dr. Ritsuko Akagi to prevent other MAGI computers of the world from hacking the Original Nerv MAGI computer at Geofront. It is officially called Danang Type-B Defense screen and will collapse after 223,240 seconds upon initiation.


A special order issued by the Japanese Government to allow Nerv to capture the 8th Angel alive from the volcano.



The Japanese Government issued this directive. In legal terms it abolished the legal protection it gave to Nerv, transferring the United Nations authority to that of the Japanese Government, allowing the government to seize by force the headquarters of Nerv.


In neural terms, it is the nerve that produces natural morphine in our brains, also known as the pleasant section of the brain. It is also the section that manages our long-term memories. In the anime, the A10 pulse and synchronization ratios are deeply related to the way the Evangelion Robot reacts to the thoughts and orders of the pilot.


A force-field produced biologically by Angels and Eva robots. Conventional weapons can not penetrate this field. In the field of psychology, AT-field means the imaginary wall, that patients with high egos produce.


It was the first Angel that appeared at the south pole and the subsequent cause of the Second Impact. From episode eight of the TV series, we see Kaji and Gendou talking about the specimen called Adam and Kaji said "Its for the Human Complement Program isn't it? " and Gendou replied "Yes it is, Its the first human ADAM". It was because of shrinking Adam into a smaller being that caused 2nd Impace. Based on the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, Adam was the first man to have been created by God in his own image.


According to the Old Testament of the Bible , the Angels are the servants of God. It also represents the 12 disciples of Christ in the New Testament. In the anime, angels are entities that appear in search of Adam, the first angel that appeared on earth. They are labeled as enemies of mankind. They are also powerful, sentient and capable to adopt to different situations.


This buildings looks like other high rise buildings of Tokyo-3 except it houses the arsenals and ammunitions, like the Palette Rifle, of the Evangelion Robots. It is scattered strategically all over the city in anticipation from an Angel attack. Some of these buildings also houses the umbilical electrical cable that the Evangelion Robots need to function on external power.


Fuyutsuki referred Lilith as the ARK when she escaped Geofront and initiated the third impact. He said "From the emptiness of the third impact she will become an ark for the souls of mankind". However Lilith failed when her AT Field disappeared when Eva-01 refused to enter her.


A multi-dimensional space that Lilith produce, the source of all life. Also known as the egg of Lilith. When the 3rd Impact occurred it appeared above Tokyo-3.


A red liquid solution that solidifies immediately upon application. It was used to stop Eva-00 when it went berserk in episode 5 and was used by Misato to stop the advancing force of the JSSDF when it infiltrated Nerv in Episode 25 of the movie. Bakelite is normally used in electric cords for insulation and to prevent heating of the wires.


The core is the weakest part of the Angel. It is the red sphere attached somewhere in the body of the Angel. Eva-01 and the Eva-05 mass production series also contains a red core. Whether Eva-00 and Eva-02 has a core is still uncertain.


A huge place under Geofront where Lilith was nailed to a red cross, it is filled with LCL and is the lowest point (basement) of the Nerv facility. The term was came from microbiology that describes the reverse process of DNA turning to RNA and finally to Protein.


The Dead Sea Scrolls was the single reference Seele used to predict the future of mankind and also was used as a blueprint to produce the Evangelion Robots. The Dead Sea Scrolls do in fact exist and was discovered in 1947 near the Dead Sea in Israel in an abandoned cave. The contents are the Old Testaments and some parts of the New Testament of both the Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible, written between the 1st and 3rd Century AD, some of the contents of the scrolls remains a secret. Whether the dead sea scrolls that Seele possess is the same as the real dead sea scrolls is uncertain.


Since it is difficult to find eligible pilots to control the Evangelion Robots, the solution to solve that was to use a dummy plug, a digitized personality profile of a pilot to make the Evangelion run even with out a living pilot inside. It can also be a clone of a pilot not necessarily a computer. However the first time a dummy plug was used was with Eva-01 when the 13th Angel attacked. and it was a digitized computer program of Rei Ayanami to replace that of Shinji Ikari who refused to kill the 13th Angel.


The cockpit of the Evangelion Robots, where the pilots enter inside and is inserted into the robot. The entry plug is filled with oxygen rich LCL and when activated, a full 360° screen surrounds the pilot. The entry plug is shaped like a long capsule injected to the lower base of the skull of the Evangelion robot. During emergency, the entry plug could be ejected using boosters attached to it.


German word for Eve, a religious word came from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. According to the Bible, Eve was the wife of Adam, the first man to be created by God in his likeness. She tempted Adam into eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, and was exiled forever as punishment for disobeying God. In the anime, Eva is the shorten name of Evangelion, the humanoid robot. There is currently Eva-00 to Eva-13 produced.


Word taken from the German word: evangelium, which has religious connotations meaning Gospel. It is also used as a slang to mean Absolute Truth. This anime tends to use a lot of religious words to hide certain denotations of the show. It is also the formal name of the humanoid robots that are sent to counter-attack an Angel treat. These robots took Nerv, 14 years to build and at incredible cost of tax-payers money. It also serves an important role in implementing the Human Complement Program. Apparently only 14-year old kids are able to pilot the mecs. Evangelion 00 to 02 is under Nerv Headquarters' direct control.


65 million years ago the dinosaurs went into extinction when a giant asteroid hit the earth. This was referred as the first impact.


It is the investigative and research organization of the Human Complement Program Committee. It had several branches around the world. The first members included its chief of operations: Gendou Ikari and Head Technician: Dr. Naoko Ritsuko. Later Professor Fuyutsuki, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi and Col. Misato Katsuragi joined in. It was formed to prevent the occurrence of the Third Impact. Its name was later changed to Nerv when MAGI computer went on line in the year 2010.


The place that houses the headquarters of Nerv. It is a giant cave like open space beneath Tokyo-3. Unauthorized people are not allowed to enter this top-secret facility. The open space measures some 6 km in diameter.


This phrase is written under the symbol of Nerv. Robert Browning of the Victorian Age of England wrote this famous phrase.


A program proposed by the powerful international secret 12-man organization committee known as SEELE. Nerv was the organization that was to initiate the program. In Misato's words the human complement program is "Man has already reached a dead end on its present state of evolution, the next step is to artificially initiate the evolution of man into a perfect single being." Still mystery still surrounds the real meaning and objective of this program and the program of Seele is different from that of Gendou and Prof. Fuyutsuki.


The head set that pilots of the Evangelion Robots use to connect their A10 Nerve with the robot, and thus send the orders through thoughts when they initiate transfer upon triggering the manual handle beside them with their hands. This also makes them vulnerable to the damages suffered by the robots when they are hit, making them feel what the robot is "feeling" when knocked, jabbed, walloped, punched or socked.


The military arm of the Japanese Government. It was formed after the Spratly Island Fiasco between Japan, Vietnam and China in the year 2003. The Self-Defense Force was dissolved and in its place the JSDF was formed.


Also known as Link Connect Liquid. It is a yellow liquid rich with oxygen that replaces normal air and directly enters the lungs and protects the pilot by absorbing the shock generated during battle with the Angels. It is close to the amniotic fluid produced by pregnant mothers to support unborn babies in the womb. It has also the smell of blood.


The giant entity with seven eyes that is nailed in the cross in the terminal dogma at the basement of Nerv Headquarters. Rei combined with Lilith to initiate the third impact. Lilith received all the souls of mankind when it initiated third impact but for some reason its AT Field was lost when eva-01 refused to enter to complete the third impact and it disintegrated thereby releasing the spirits of mankind and the spirits to forever orbit a dead and barren earth. According to Kaoru, this entity is not Adam but Lilith which according to Jewish Lore the name came from the first wife of Adam. Between Adam and Lilith was born the evil spirits.


It is a large spear that was used somehow toward the first Angel Adam. It was transported to Nerv headquarters from the south pole and was used to pierce Lilith with it to prevent further growth of it. But Gendou ordered Eva-00 to use it to defeat the 15th Angel and the spear was hurled into space where it first orbited the moon, landed on it and was called by Shinji back to earth to be used to kill Eva-01 but instead it was used by Seele to initiate the third impact. At first Seele was disappointed with Gendou for using the spear without their permission. As Keel (Head of SEELE) said to other SEELE members "With the spear gone, we cant initiate the human complement program using Lilith, The only option left is to use the child of Lilith and retrograde EVA-01". However with Shinji calling the spear back Seele was able to use it again. The spear's name came from the name of a roman soldier who pierced the heart of Christ in the cross to confirm His death.


The main weapon of Eva-05 to Eva-13, in its natural state it is a double edge lance but when so desired it changes to a copy of the Longinus Spear in order to penetrate the AT Field of its opponent. It was copied from the original Longinus Spear and was an important instrument in culminating the third impact when Eva-05 to Eva-13 pierced their core with their spare. The spare was also used to defeat Eva-02 when it battled the mass produced Eva-05 to Eva-13.


The first artificial intelligence Super computer MAGI was designed by Dr. Naoko Akagi and is composed of three components. Melchior-1, Balthasar-2 and Casper-3. The three computers operate by tackling problems and forming strategy. The three components of the computer represents the three personalities of its creator Dr. Naoko Akagi. The scientist in her, the mother in her and the woman in her. The three component's name came from the three kings who visited Christ when He was born, according to the Christian Lore. Also the MAGI computer is said to be the 5th generation super computer that uses a cloned human brain as a CPU.


The main organization that search and selects the pilots qualified to pilot and synchronize with the Eva Robots. The qualifications are rather stiff, apparently only 14 year old kids with out mothers can ride and operate an Evangelion Robot. It has 108 agencies around the world all of which are dummy companies that Ryohji Kaji discovered during his search for the true nature of Nerv. These dummy companies was all created by Nerv. The name was taken from one of the gods of the Babylon Empire.


N2 stands for Non-Nuclear, it is the United Nations' most powerful conventional weapon. It has the power and strength of a nuclear arsenal but produces no radiation. It can not eliminate the Angels but it can damage them to some extent and buy time for a counter-attack.


Word taken from German to mean nerve. Nerv is a special United Nations Top Secret organization dedicated to the discovery, study, counter-attack and subsequent destruction of entities known as Angels. Most of its activities are classified and "for your eyes only". The special humanoid fighting machines known as Evangelion Robots are the central arsenals of this special agency, along with other high technology weapons that this robots use. The main headquarters of Nerv is in Hakone, Japan. It rests below Tokyo-3 in a place 80 meters below 2015's sea level, called Geofront. It has branches in all G-7 countries plus China and Russia. The commander in chief of all operations of Nerv Headquarters is Gendou Ikari followed by his executive officer, scientist and former professor Kozo Fuyutsuki. Followed by the chief strategist and brilliant tactician Misato Katsuragi.


These are the suits used by the pilots of the Evangelion Robot to increase the synchronization rate. They also are used to protect them from sudden change of temperature, to give them a heart massage when heart stops, and to keep central command informed as to the vital statistics of the pilot, among others. It fits the pilot's body contours when the plug suit's switch is pressed in the left wrist.


Also known as Super Solenoid. This is the main source of power of Eva-05 to Eva-13. The new Eva Series are S2 Evas, meaning they don't need an electric power source to function (much like an Angel). The first time they experimented with an S2 engine, was with Eva-04 but that lead to the disappearance of Nerv's second branch in Nevada in the United States due to a failed experiment. Eva-01 became an S2 entity when it ate the 14th Angel, thus it doesn't need an Umbilical cable to derive energy.


September 13, 2000. Second Impact occurred at the South Pole, when Adam exploded, melting all the ice and rising water by 80 meters. The second impact was caused by reducing Adam into an egg, to reduce the damage that will occur when the Angels come as predicted and written in the DEAD SEA SCROLLS. The worldwide catastrophe tilted the axis of the planet and forever made all weather climates, warm and moist. Japan lost its four seasons and summer continued all year round. Half of the world's population was killed in famines and both civil and international wars that followed. The Strong United Nations declared the second impact as the result of an asteroid hitting the south pole and lied about its true cause.


Word taken from German to mean soul. It is a powerful international secret 12-man organization committee, that has existed even before the second impact. All activities of SEELE are classified but rumored to be based from the Dead Sea Scrolls, the single most important artifact that predicts the future of mankind in the world of Evangelion. Keel Lorenz is the head of this committee and somehow Yui Ikari was connected with it and because of her Gendou became involved with SEELE.


When a special emergency warning is declared by Tokyo-3 in anticipation of an Angel attack all major buildings are lowered into Geofront and all civilians are requested to seek shelter at designated areas. These buildings are locked and bolted and they remain at the roof of the underground cave of Geofront. These serves two purpose, to protect the families of Nerv personnel living at Tokyo-3 including other civilians and to keep them from learning the actual situation occurring outside.


Shinji was stigmatized when the third impact happened. A nail wound appeared in both of his palm and lost all control of Eva-01. He then entered a dream state. In the Christian religion, when a person is said to have been stigmatized, he is under a spell of some sort.


A special city created solely to survive attacks from the Angels. It is located at Hakone which contains Geofront below, a huge space that was spared by the raised sea levels of 2015 due to the surrounding mountains that enclose it. It is the site of the headquarters of Nerv.


The site of the headquarters of the powerful United Nations. It is located at Matsushiro, Nagano. It was also the site of the second synchronization laboratory and facility of Nerv where Eva-03 was tested.


The process by which man can go to the next level of existence by shedding its body and combining with the spirits of other people to form a collective. A process by which can only happen if all the Angels are defeated. A third impact will also happen if an Angel touches Adam but instead of evolving man, it will destroy mankind. Gendou and Fuyutsuki believed that even defeating all the Angels the third impact will not make mankind evolve to a new collective and existence but instead death and destruction will take place, they tried to prevent it but failed. The third impact did happen but it was not completed and the souls of mankind is forever orbiting the earth when Lilith lost the AT Field that holds all the souls together. The third impact wasted earth and left it barren and died.


Usually the Evangelion mecs are attached to umbilical cable to obtain electrical external power. This is because the mecs can only sustain no more than 5 minutes and 2 seconds of normal internal power if the umbilical cable is cut, and 16 hours on life support. The word came from the word "umbilical cord" of the womb that allows a pregnant mother to fed her unborn child.


The United Nations in Evangelion is different from our world's United Nations. In the anime, it is strong, militaristic and powerful. The special UN organization known as Nerv is part of the UN but works independently from it and the UN military can only give support when Angels attack.


A treaty to end a worldwide war that started with the nuclear attack of Tokyo seven days after the second impact, September 20, 2000. The treaty was signed in February 14, 2001, Valentine's day.