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FY2k: Fushigi Yuugi 2000

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Updated 8-17-00: Whew, took me long enough, huh! Well, Chapter eight is finally here! Yes, you may all praise the almighty webmissteress-sama. Or not.

Hey, welcome to my web domain. I've gone through a lot of layout updates lately, as you can probably tell if you've been here before. I hope that this will help you guys figure out you're way around. Oh, by the way, if you see a big blond swordsman running around aimlessly, don't ask for directions, he's lost too. Permanently.

Ok, I suppose I need to do the disclaimers now. All of these wonderful and bishonen characters are Watase-sama's, and, as much as I may beg, I doubt that Pioneer will ever let me get my paws on 'em. However, they have been borrowed for the sake of the page, and any damages inflicted upon them will be repaired using duck tape™. Also, all fanfics, fanarts, and other characters are copyrighted to their respective owners. Arigato minna!

Ok, now that that's over with… enter the castle! The most wonderful, perfect, up-to-date and glorious webpage on the net!! Run by the most brilliant webmissteress! Ok, so maybe I exaggerated. My page is decent, and I hope you like it. I think that my image galleries are my strong point.
I need to give credit where it's due. Sora-chan was always there for me, and Hihikari is the page chaperone and author of the fanfiction novel, 'FY2k'. Lots of others have been helpful, Nuri-chan, Kakyra, Kymyka, Mica, just to mention a few.
Now, choose you path, and choose well. The fate of the world may not depend on your decision, but your happiness might. Oh, and if you see Tasuki, tell him to GET BACK HERE NOW!!! I've been looking for him everywhere! Well, have fun, and stay away from my bishonen! (Tasuki, Nakago, Tomo, Amiboshi, Hikitsu, Heero, Zechs, Yuuhi, 1/2 of Omi, and Zelgadiss.)

This Pocket Bishonen Webring site owned by Kiakama.
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