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Eye Candy
Welcome to "EYE CANDY". Here you will find pics of some of the best anime and manga around. Also this site will feature some of my own art that I have drawn of the animes and some of my original work. You will see some pics that I drew that were origonaly images. That is because it is much easier to draw from a pic. Thanks for stopping by. ---If you would like you may send me your own art work to be put up. And/or you may send me the url to your own page to be put up in a links section.--- e-mail me at This site has recently been updated on: 2/26/00
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Whats New?
Magic Knight Rayearth
Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
My Original Artwork
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New Ring of Magic Knight Rayearth This New Ring of Magic Knight Rayearth site is owned by Rane of the Starfire.
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