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Animé Post

Konnichiwa, Ogenki desu ka. Welcome to my animé page and hope you enjoy it.
What exactly is animé? Animé is a term used short for animation but is usually associated with specificly Japanese animation. "Anime in the U.S. refers specifically to Japanese animation, which in and of itself is a unique style of storytelling and film making. Cinematography and further elements of professional film making are all used in the animated films that are created in Japan. The subjects of anime range from history (past and future), to fantasy, dramatic, science fiction, popular culture, cyber-reality, adult, action, romance, political, and more..." (Taken from "What Is Anime" by Elaine Barlow. Published currently at The AnimeOnline Network,
Created: April 14, 2000

Latest Update: Tuesday 16, December 2001; Check out my fan art section new pictures just posted chekc 'em out!

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