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Welcome to the Changeling Item Store.

Here you can purchase many different items. These items can be used by all characters. Just make sure you have enough cash to buy what you want.

Misc. Items
Scouter: $25. This allows you to search for things faster. It takes 3 days to find Dragonballs.
Weighted Clothes: $100. If you train with one of these, then your PL will increase by 2,000.
Ginyu Force Armor: $300. Made from the same material as Saiyan Armor. The only difference is that it is made especially for the Ginyu Force. If worn in battle will reduce all attacks by half for 10 turns. After that they will need to be repaired.

Weapons Shelf
Laser Blaster: $500. AD=2,000
Ultra Laser Blaster: $650. AD=2,500
Laser Sword: $200. AD=350

Space Pods
Freezer Space Pod: $350. This Space Pod can hold 15 people. You can train and purchase a gravitron for this ship. It takes 4 days to travel to other planets.
Freezer Space Ship: $2,000. This Space Ship can hold unlimited amounts people. It comes with a Rejuvenator and a Gravitron with the first Upgrade.
Gravitron: $200. It allows you to train in gravity up to 100x stronger then Earth's gravity. You will gain a great amount of PL in this bad boy.
Gravitron Upgrade: $400 (If you already own a regular gravitron, then the upgrade is only $200). With this you can train in up to 300x Earth's gravity.
Gravitron Upgrade 2: $750 (If you already own a gravitron upgrade, then the upgrade 2 is only $350, if you own a regular gravitron, then the second upgrade is only $550). With this you can train in up to 500x Earth's gravity.
Rejuvenating Tank: $500. This allows you to heal from battles that you may have been injured from. It takes 5 hours to heal from each battle.