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Planet Kaoushin

Welcome to the Planet Kaoushin. This planet is a neutral planet. There is no fighting here. Only sparring and training.

  Here's the Training Chart

 This is Kaoushin Item Shop. Here at the Kaoushin Item Shop you can purchase several items. If you would like to buy anything, make sure you email me. You cannot use any items, until I post it up on your characters profile.

 Kaoushin Village. There are many Kaoushin Villages on the Planet Kaoushin. At a Kaoushin Village there are Kaoushin Elders. You can learn fusion from them. It takes 1 week to learn this.

  Here is Kaoushin Training Center. You can train or spar here. No battles. For every 20 min you train, you will gain 12,000 PL, 100 HP, and 75 EP.