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Planet Earth

Welcome to the Planet Earth. This is where all the characters in my RPG start off. Here you can find the Earth set of Dragon Balls.

  Here's the Training Chart

 This is Capsule Corp. Here at Capsule Corp you can purchase several items. If you would like to buy anything, make sure you email me. You cannot use any items, until I post it up on your characters profile.

  This is Master Roshi's island. Once you land on the island, you notice a small house. It is called the Turtle House. It is owned by Master Roshi. At Master Roshi's you can train with him. You gain 15,000 to your PL, 150 HP, and 100 EP for everyday you train with him. If you train with him for a week, you will learn Kamehameha, get the PL boost, and you'll recieve your very own Nimbus Cloud. The Nimbus Cloud acts like a block and a dodge. So with it, you now have an extra block and dodge. It also allows you to find items 1 day faster. If you want to train with Master Roshi after you've trained with him for 1 week, then you will get a 12,000 to your PL, 125 HP, and 75 EP for every extra day of training.

 This is Korin Tower. Here you can buy some Senzu Beans ($25 each, or a bag of 10 for $200) or search for the Super God Water. The Super God Water will double all of your stats (PL/HP/EP). It takes a week to find, and you can only use it once.

  Here is the Room of Spirit and Time, located on Kami's Lookout. For every 20 min you train here, you will gain 10,000 PL, 75 HP, and 50 EP.