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Hello everyone and welcome to DB 2K. I hope you all enjoy this RPG. Most of this site came with help from my friend that has his own site called Z-World. I just wanna say thanx to Kumate. Everyone that is training, it would help me if you send me a reminder of when your training is all done. For example: If you train with Master Roshi for 1 week, just send me an email when the week is over so that I know you are finished with your training. It's hard for me to update everyone, so a little reminder makes it go faster. Please vote for my site. Please don't ask me if I need help with my site. I have it under control. If I do need help, don't worry. I will ask people to help me. Please read the message board everytime you come to my site. I usually post important messages for the members.

I will only accept 3 training emails a day per person. If I recieve more then 3, I will delete it. This doesn't count for questions. You can ask as many questions as you want. When you send me an email make sure you put the name of your character and the meaning of the email in the subject line.
For example; Goku: Training or Goku: Buying Items
Something like that. If you do not put the name of your character in the subject line, I will just delete your email. Thanx. Also when you make a handle for the chatrooms it must end with _DB2K. For example mine is: Goku_DB2K. Your handle must be the name of your character.


Message Board

If you really enjoy my site please vote for it. I worked very hard on it, and I would like my RPG to become number 1. Thanx.