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Character Bio's 3

Here is another Bio page.

The Artificial Humans(Andriods)

The three artificial humans.The big one is #16,the black haired one is #17 and the blond babe is #18.They were created by some doctor guy and was sent to destroy the world.This is were future Trunks comes in.In Trunks world they killed all sept for Bulma,Gohan and Goten.So Trunks went back in time and Gave Goku medicine to live and defeat the artificial humans.But in the Cell game(saga of Cell)#18 was devoured by cell and somehow got out and given organic parts like a human,then she married Krillin and had a lil girl named Maron.


This is the father of Goku from Planet Vegeta.He is shown on the episode about King Vegeta and stuff.Not much too know about him but the real mystery is ....Who is Goku's mother???


Raditz!...finally!....The brother of Goku that is in the first episode(actually the first person you see)He is killed when him,Goku,and Piccolo go at it.But when Piccolo first uses his Special Beam Cannon he hits Goku and Raditz and both go to The other Dimension.