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Character Bio's(continued)

page 2 of the character bio's...enjoy!


Wow!...this ones a dousy!Vegeta is a ruthless saiyan that doesnt take no stuff!He is one of the meanest of Saiyans.The son of King Vegeta the King of Planet Vegeta and the father to Trunks.Vegeta first came after raditz to avenge his death.Vegeta came to Earth with a big ol' muscle bound saiyan named Nappa.Both had Goku on the run after the death of Goku from raditz so Goku had to train hard to face Nappa and Vegeta.Now he is still bad but he has changed and became an ally to Earths Special Forces.


Piccolo...the lone Namek.He was born on Earth from a split of Kami and became a lone warrior.When he was wupped by Goku when Goku was a child and held a grudge for him till Goku was grown.Then he kidnapped Gohan and trained him for the fight against Vegeta and Nappa. Later he was killed again by Vegeta along with Yamcha,Chouzu,and Tein Shinhan.Then he was hurt from the battle against Freeza,but so far he survived.


Krillin is the best friend of Goku and a member of Earths Special forces.Krillin died once in the original Dragonball and then he helped fight Vegeta and still has trouble with him but when on Namek that wasnt least to worry for Vegeta was affraid of the Ginyu Force and Freeza.At one point when Freeza stuck his horn in his chest we thought Krillin was gone but he survived cuting off Freeza's tail with a sneak attack Destructo Disk.Krillin is also affraid of Bulma!