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Character Bio's

Welcome to my Character bios page 1.Too see more goto page 2 of the Bio's

Future Trunks

This is future Trunks.He entered the DBZ world when the Androids took over his world and Goku had died of Heart Disease.Trunks is different from Chibi Trunks and he is more of a kind guy unlike his father Vegeta ...hes more like his mother Bulma.

Son Goku

The most powerful fighter on DBZ...he is part of a Race of Aliens called Saiyans or Saiyajins.He was encountered with his brother Raditz on the first episode.Then on Namek he fought against Freeza who is a ice-jin and the Ginyu Force.Also the Father of Gohan


Soon to become the most powerful Saiyan/Human and at the begining of DragonBallZ he was as silly as he can be for a lil 5 year old.He loves to spend time with his father Goku and was trained by his idol Piccolo.He soon marries the daughter of Mr.Satan who is a Tarakia Bootaka(tournament in DBZ)named Videl and has Pan . in later episodes.(Pan is a main character in DBGT along with lil GOku(Chibi Goku) and Teenage Trunks.