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More Character Bio's

More Bio's


one of the most ruthless creatures in DBZ.He tried to defeat all of Namek using the Ginyu Force and himself.But he was killed Goku at the death of Planet Namek.He is a ice-jin along with his father is King Cold and his brother Cooler

Majin Buu

Buu is a demon created about 300 years ago by a mage Bibidi. He is pure evil and only wishes to kill. The Five Kaioshins attempted to kill Buu and succeeded, sorta. 3 Kaioshins died, then the leader of them used the Potara Fusion earrings to permenantly become part of Buu. The remaining Kaioshins sent Buu to a far away planet. 300 years later, Babidi son of Bibidi, revives the evil Buu.

Special Events

Ahah!...The Ginyu force!..Captain Ginyu!Jace!Burter!Golda!Rakoom!...the ginyu force are a group of intergalactic bounty hunter like people.They are made up of a couple of characters(weird people).