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This is the official site now for the one and only great super-hero of the IC galaxy BETA KONJO..the story of Beta Konjo revolves him as the mighty saiyan warrior who was left on namek for his death...but for more info e-mail me at the address below..heres a fanfic of Beta Konjo: One day the GT gang begins to start out for the woods on a camping trip (this is during the GT saga)when Trunks begins to grow tired."Oh man dudes..... lets take a quick nap cause im so tired of all this walking",said Trunks.Trunks sat down to rest while whipping his forhead."Ah get up ya' lazy boned boy!", Pan said in a most frighting voice.Trunks shot up from the ground and stood up straight as he could.They kept walking till they found a large glowing rock the size of a light bulb and the glow of a mirror in the light.Trunks reached over to pick it up as his eyes got big and dollar signs showed up on his eyes."Oooooh shiny!!",Trunks said.Smacking the rock out of Trunks hand ,chibi Goku said,"Trunks!....Never touch the unfamliar! But as It dropped it began to shake and it started to crack open.They all watch as it comes open and to there surprise they see a cystal ball like object. "Hey look!",said Pan."I see something looks like you Trunks!....and you Granpa Goku!Goku takes a closer look...."Hey guys..... I remember this....this is when future trunks and I this when I was coming getting medicine from you in a heart attack but whats this........Its...Its.... Its.......Gohan?Dende?...It looks like gohan but hes green?They all look closer to notice that its not Goku or Vegeta but that in this parallel universe Krillin had visited a place were a young man had lived because of him being stranded on Namek and he was the Captain of the Starship Beta 9 and had made a deal with was that if he had got him of this planet that he would help them on there dragonball he went and helped them and had begun to help more and he did it and made the team stronger!They watched on as they saw a surprising scene.To be continued.............In DragonballZ Anthology Episode 2:War Games ,part of the Beta Konjo Saga! secret quality is that im half saiyan and half a android..