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~ Sailor Moon ~

A thousand years ago during the silver
milenium the universe was at peace. Queen
Serenity of the Moon ruled with love and
kindness. Her daughter Princess Serenna was
to marry a Prince Darien from Earth.

Well before the wedding took place the evil
Queen Beryl of the Negaverse attacked our
universe. She was very powerful and soon she
defeated the Moon Kingdom's troops...killing
thousands and among those lost in this battle
were Prince Derian & Princess Serenna.

When Queen Serenity discovered that EVIL Queen
Beryl had defeated the Moon Kingdom, and taken
the life of Prince Darian as well as her daughter
Princess Serenity she knew there was no other
choice. She sacraficed herself by using her
Imperium Silver Crystal to send everyone to be
reborn on earth.With her last bit of strength
sent the two royal moon gaurdians..{they are cats} help Serenna and her court in the event of
the negaverse attacking again.

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